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Propanalol for anxiety??
Does any body have any experience with this?
I was first scripted this for anxiety, but it's actually a high blood pressure medication. If you have low BP I would recommend you talk to your Dr. first. I've heard that many onstage performers use this to calm their stage fright. Outwardly their physical anxiety is less noticeable to others, but they still have some anxiety. Maybe it gives them a sense of security, knowing that they're not shaking in their boots!
Inderal. My medical doctor sister told me all the docs used it for TV or other public speeches.

It does stop tremors that arise from PTSD. Life.

And, with the PTSD i have, i am always in fight or flight mode.

So, Inderal slows down my heart. Just as I believe people need antibiotics in their home, proxy strips for bad cuts, some codeine for coughing or pain, I also believe that inderal is a life saver.

It does not take away anxiety per se. You just don't show it.

And for one prone to seizures or strokes or horrific anxiety, the usage of inderal on a per needed basis, can save ur life.

I know they tried to use it in cases of depression. Does not help that.

It can certainly help one to taper off a benzo.

Good luck. *oh, during the many yrs doctors tried to dx'g me, an elderly dr.missed that i also had hyper thyroid. He put me not on anti thyroid med, but on Inderal, aka propranolol. Thing is, he kept me on it for six yrs. It is recommended that one use it for up to six weeks only. So make sure it is safe for you if you are advised to use Propranolol for long term.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Charon could not have said it any betterSmile

I also have a script for propranolol, prescribed for my benzo detox and now have it for lingering anxiety.
Now it can be a God send or not worth it all depends on the person.
(it's basically a beta blocker) aka beta-adrenergic blocking agent. I't blocks the severity and effects of the action of adrenaline.

If you are someone who is prone to physical symptoms of anxiety that usually are caused by psychological anxiety (Anxiety in the mind)
Tachycardia, Hypertension, Tremors, Stuttering so on.
It will help dampen them down.

For me personally it's most potent at slowing the heart rate down, then tremors, I don't stutter much unless the tremors are severe.
The lowering effects of blood pressure My DR informed me come into effect more slowly after continuous daily use of two weeks.
But I think in a indirect way if your having an adrenaline rush due to panic, taking Inderal will slow down the heart calming you down physically thus lowering your blood pressure anyway within an hour or so. As long as you try to relax the mind.

So if you have no benzo on hand and start to get anxious or panicky taking an Inderal, and relaxing for an hour or two will make it more effective in my experience.

Now one big point, in no way does Inderal help psychological Anxiety (Anxiety of the mind)
So you will still feel anxious and thoughts would not be dampened, but on the outside you will look relaxed and in control.
Another point my Dr said there is no interactions taking a benzo and inderal simultaneously which would have a beneficial added effect. Although it could make you sleepy. So starting low on both at first so you know how you react to it

Hope that's given you some clarity Honstym.


p.s forgot to add Inderal is best taken as per needed, as it can cause dependence and you wouldn't want rebound tachycardia and all sorts of cardiovascular chaos and would require a taper to come off completely! So keeping it as per needed if you want to avoid that, but of course some people need it daily which is also fine. My uncle has been taking it for as long as how old I am lol Just consult your doctor.
To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
i have some left from like 5 years ago and remember just getting a strip, the taste is horendous its like chewing on metal , lingers quite a long time in mouth.

Now i dont have issues with blood pressure, but few times ive tried it smallest dosage 20mgs dropped my heart to the bottom, its pretty weak for general anxiety.
Now i imagine those with heart problems do benefit, but otherwise i avoided it, it does seem to work a bit but then again feeling like your been struck with a brick and tired weak to the point where you feel like thorwing up, wasnt something i wanted to continue to try.

Thou in general its safe when used for patients that need it and in small occasional dosages, and do believe that docs, speakers actually take some before some big events to take edge off, just dont see it as a long term option for someone with anxiety. As it does mess with your BP and hasnt much to do with panic anxiety, it curbs the physical symptoms to extent as charon said but your still feel like crawling inside your skin, would be my best description of using it.

just my 2c.
If I have to be around a large group and interact socially, I prefer propranolol over alps bc it’s a thin line with alps before I start looking out of it.

I will try and take 1 mg alp hours before and by the time the effects start waining I’ll take 20-30mg propranolol. I take them infrequently and work very well for my anxiety.
tnaks for your advide mate
This is a Uk pharma put up by Quick Fix. It has the Propranolol or inderal. the beta blocker that will slow down ur heart if u live in fight or flight mode, and ur heart races.

It can save ur life if u r to suddenly go off a benzo. And, find that primer on getting off benzos or PKs. We add immodium, benadryl and nausea med.

But Inderal or propranolol will slow down ur heart rate. It stops symptoms of anxiety and pTsD. External symptoms. You won't show fear or the fact ur heart is racing.

It is not controlled. I pray the Uk delivers to US on this one. Thank u so much QF.

One fills out a form. As far as i can tell so far, they dont call ur dr as it is not a controlled substance.

But, this is a glorious med to gently slow down one's heart rate. Do not over take it. It can screw up ur system. It is being used for anxiety but it is really to prevent seizures, strokes, in MY CASE, by slowing down my heart rate.

It works. Please, at least have this in your home if u are suddenly off meds. Order early as its holiday time. And, if u have not had it prescribed by your medical doctor, only take as per needed. Seriously.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Hey Charon! Glad I could help, the propranolol from them is straight from the ph@rm@cy

I totally agree with you regarding it, def a staple to have in your med box. Has helped me numerous of times and carries on to do so.

If pharmacy2u does not offer international shipping or subs, then my next suggestion would be rupharma. they have propranolol also. might have to snoop around to find it as they have a lot of exotic novels among what we know

Thanks, QF
To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
It seems to be really effective for temporarily managing the physical effects brought about by anxiety, however those anxious thoughts remain in your mind. Having the "fear" taken away from those thoughts does make situations in which you're prone to feel anxious less traumatic or ominous.

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