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Weed psychosis??
Any body suffer from this? When i smoke it sends me in to a bad trip like state. I constantly hallucinate due to substance abuse from a young age. I wish i could enjoy pot as it is amazing smelling, skinning up and the taste. Never mind.
It happens to some people, some strains these days are so strong, its not hard to believe some get unwanted effects esp like psychosis. I have heard its more prevelant amongst younger people, teenagers whos brains are still developing.

I dont have a solution, maybe try hashish instead of green bud strains,or ask for one that isnt so strong if you are able to do that where you are? maybe just put a small amount in whatever way you ingest it. If none of that is an option maybe just avoiding or at least having a long break from it, your brain may thank you for doing it, none of us are the same so each can be affected so differently from it, not just MJ but anything esp meds our docs give us.
What ?
Thanks for the advice. I will be staying away from MJ for a good while.
Smoking weed you are ingesting many toxins from the burning process, negates much of the medical benefits. Many legal medical weed shops are offering confections, wonderfully delicious. Chocolate/Raspberry truffles with low thc and high cbd are my favorite. very effective for pain relief and mild sedation. Seattle, Washington is a wonderful town to visit. The culinary scene there in fascinating.
thanks alot man
I have tried low dosage lozenges and hard candies. But you need to be very very careful and I started very very low doses eating cannabis if you will. but if it doesn’t work for you, don’t force it.
Why don't u look around and see how we talk in our home.

Lets not make goo gle, cuz LE is still proving to be very spunky. And taking down vendors and forums.

Too much info in public. It is not legal in my state, and the law looks at my state as I am one of the admins.

I pray MMJ becomes an option for other chronically ill patients. It is horrific how people are NOT being treated with medicine. This is medicine.

But not legal and LE really showed their might in the past few months. We stay very low key. To show respect and bore the hell out of any LE officers reading here.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
a good post slipper. a good post. yes, u r over the limit. but u proved u can make a good and polite post. informative as well.

well done. but i suspect it wont be here tomorrow. Five posts a day my friend. Five.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Heard about, not experience though. the uk has been reporting something like this the last few years , the following being one example (xxxxx:// and there is an article in the Independant like it. Over there, it seems to be like they are talking about a particular strain. Avoiding further links but what I've read about it seemed to refer to a particular strain. (I've always heard that word used negatively)

It's hard to know how much skepticism to bring in that case.
CBD1 is the antagonist to THC

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