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Thank you
Charon, thank you for every second...... I appreciate each one. Love, Light joy
If only I had ypur resolve
I would savor alll moments

this community is here fore a reason. RISK REDUCTION.

Ask, LISTEN, and be patient.

I thought I was smart a couple months back but got ripped the f* off. Lack of patience was my down fall

If you came across the this forum, consider yourself one of the lucky few. But, I stress, de nuevo, patience is a virtue. Ask your questions, this forum is here to help
Thanks for your post Lunar.

Yes Charon is one of a kind.

The kind I think a whole lot of.

Sorry you got ripped off.
Yes the forum sure can help & patience is hard to get and easy to loose, it seems.
We all try and try for it.

Good Luck Lunar.
How kind and i am so sorry u got screwed over for your monies. Karma will get those ones in the end.

Sorry, lunar. Always a pleasure to see you. Try to have a glorious weekend amidst the panic that others are exhibiting.

I hope u received now, btw.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Just like to say thank you to Charon and D**ko you both have stuck with me . Even do I don't post as much as I used to due to loss of family member 3 years ago , but i feel as raw today as I did 3 years ago . And you have never asked me to get more involved .
Everything at my own pace which I'm most appreciative for
So thank you your great
Much love
We go way back nonoo. And i am so sorry u r still in so much emotional pain.

You always have us, and D**ko to back you. Shhh. Let us keep our treasure to ourselves.

All my love. Please, it is time to begin to heal. For your remaining family members. Especially you.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Nonoo.. your post broke my heart. Sending you courage, strength & prayers.

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