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Hit 50, and no change
I recently hit 50 and was wondering what I need to do to earn the right to private area and respond to private messages.
Hi Chris5555,

Usually the routine is to log off and clear browser history and then log back in.

If you are only at 51 you might have to go ahead to make it a couple more over 50 just to be sure the automatic part of the system has you cleared for over the 50 mark.

Anyway, don't expect much, just something on the email vendor xxxxxxxxxx. Go for the 150.
Well I am glad u did not expect much from our forum and vendors till u hit what u perceive to be some magic number.

Many of us like fifty posts as one can PM, and make ten posts a day.

So, don't even worry ur little head about it. The staff has voted and we don't want you here.

That comment went beyond rude.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Very rude indeed. When I hit 50 I was pleasantly surprised. I thought what a milestone for myself being able to learn and read all the different post. I met vendors and ordered mags I wouldn’t have been able to if it wasn’t for having 50 post. I’m grateful Andy look forward to getting 150 someday. 

I'm so exited if you guys still want me to still stick around and I finally got to fifty so I am super stoked. I also want to say thanks for helping me with the rules and the mistakes I made were out of sheer mindlessness not with any malice behind them. I totally understand why the rules are to protect everyone and are there for a reason. I didn't want to screw up the times I did. I kind of look forward to coming home at night and reading the different sections. I like the music lounge and just the general support is great. So thanks again. Truly a great place!
I'll be glad when I hit 50! Anything I can add to my 'stash' of quality vendors is a plus and emailing others is huge when looking for

guidance to certain subscriptions.
jshields: ur enthusiasm is awesome. Just be careful please.

If you get a private message from a stranger on here, other than staff, it could be a shill for a vendor. it could be the vendor himself.

they go into forums and one can see that IP address try to write down all your emails.

We never encourage someone, esp someone new, to trust others whom PM you with secret sources.

You will see more as you continue to post. Have a glorious day.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I got to approx 55 posts and my account was unlocked, but to be honest i was pretty happy with the vendors i was using at the time.

I am just happy to be able to get honest info from members on here. This way no money is wasted on crap.

Also i got a PM from someone that sent me a list of mags that were to good to be true, this was a long time ago on a account that was lost.

Plus there was a minimum order price of 500 which without any trust is to much risk. The last 2 letters of his name was "EZ". I wont say his full name just incase he is real.
NEWBIE.......................... 0

JUNIOR MEMBER............ 50


SENIOR MEMBER............ 500


ASSET MEMBER..............1,500


When I come across this sort of info, in a post by steel, i do try to post it here.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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