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Suggest an UK vendor
(11-02-2017, 01:28 PM)barq- Wrote: I think quite a lot of UK sources have no interest in international business and are specifically UK to UK. The huge majo4rity of forum users are in the USA, so having a European/UK section helps separate things out.

Thanks for posting that source. Good to know they are reliable, even if they are expensive.

Thats not true many will do international ita just some countries they prefer to stay away from but even then there are long term guys that will
Any UK/EU sources for Tramadol? I know there's SS4U and MM who are both fantastic in their own right but something a bit closer to home with shorter shipping times than 3+ weeks would be a nice option to have...

If there's nothing at all its not the end of the world I'll just go with MM or SS4U. God the UK scene was so much easier to deal with before the PSA 2016. Grr.
Are there any UK doctors who will write a RX & send it to the US. ? If so how could I go about finding them?
(03-17-2018, 09:59 AM)Mrgetitdone Wrote: Are there any UK doctors who will write a RX & send it to the US. ?    If so how could I go about finding them?

This is highly unlikely to happen with a UK doctor.  The vast majority work for the National Health Service , prescriptions are tightly controlled and the chances of getting a prescription without seeing a patient and very small, and to the US even smaller.  I suggest you look for an alternative supply method.
(07-24-2015, 11:30 AM)G.Elias Wrote:

Not used them myself but many on PR and other places have had success,mainly for DHC pain killers,other pk's on there as well but dhc about the strongest and a good low price,i have read that they require photo-id of some sort,you have to fill in a questionnaire before a doc will prescribe it,make sure you don't tick the box saying 'inform my gp'.
Not sure if you need photo i-d for first order as i have not used,they are legit though,believe they ship to other countriys as well.

Yes they are legit but strict.
They need proof of ID.
They will get a pharmacist to ring you up and ask a lot of questions. ( some are trick)
If you tick the NO box when they ask if they can contact your GP, they may refuse.
They have decreased the amount of DHC/ Opiates I can get and they NO longer sell Trams.
I play be the rules, do not order to often and I have no problem.
Also, if someone joins from the same house of you, they will ban you and pass your info on.

(03-17-2018, 09:59 AM)Mrgetitdone Wrote: Are there any UK doctors who will write a RX & send it to the US. ?    If so how could I go about finding them?

NO,  In the UK ALL doctors have to be registered by the GMC, even the private doctors here have to do NHS work, and for all kinds of reasons, they cannot prescribe to someone outside the UK.    If you lived in the EU and had a EHC,  they could prescribe a med if you needed it, but that is unlikely and unless your broke your leg or something.


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#18 30 minutes ago
They have a sister site that sells meds inc opiates to those ONLY in the UK
The other sight is like a US discount drugstore, the sell lots of things and at a good price. if the people who are getting rang up are not from the UK, they are being scammed from people pretending to be this site.

I won't mention it anymore incase people think I am shilling, put if you live in the UK, you can run a check and see that they are registered as a pharmacist. if you are not from the UK, then there is no point of you viewing it.

I was just a little surprised to see them here as I use them often, they do send emails with discount codes but I have never been rang.

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For those of you whom use chemist4u in the UK only, why don't u mention it here or start a thread in this area for UK members?

Cuz i shall delete references to this place in US section. So, comply with my instructions and leave the buggary bollocks chemist4u ONLY in UK area.
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