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Suggest an UK vendor
(09-28-2017, 02:19 AM)mucu101 Wrote:
(09-24-2017, 05:59 PM)Sunglassesron Wrote: I know many legit vendors in the UK but they're all on social media believe it or not.  It's bound to come tumbling down at some point but there's some really good products available and I'm making the most of it whilst I can.

The darknet is another place where there are many but it's the whole BTC thing

It's a bit like the topic days but stuff gets through no problem if you work with the right people.  These pharmacy bar the odd few aren't with it imo they overcharge massively

Hi mate,
I got bumped ordering some diaz from one of the biggest social media sites FB...theres so many, can you please pm me some legit ones as i just cant tell between the legit & scammers.
Thanks in advance!!

Hello mate, 
I'm new to the site so I'm still unsure how everything works but I know of a legit vendor in the south east of england. Not quite sure how I can give you the details with out being bait though?

Maybe if u follow our rules, esp Rule 1 and intro yourself at Welcome thread, u will receive some answers.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
(10-23-2017, 09:18 PM)Charon Wrote:

Maybe if u follow our rules, esp Rule 1 and intro yourself at Welcome thread, u will receive some answers.

Oops  Big Grin

Apologies Charon, didn't even think to looks for rules and regs etc.. just linked myself in to a thread from google and decided to post!

I'll drop a little thread on the welcome section now  Smile
Well, bless your heart. Thank you so much.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
yeah its strange phenomena heard myself recently that theres many peeps moving to social media, thou with that said for every decent person theres at least 10 scammers so dunno how one goes about it,since personally not using FB,so kinda hard to guess given one can easily create fake accounts,but true there are some good people out there as well.
I am not sure why this thread is here if there is the suggest IOP section? Are we supposed to post in both or maybe in this thread indicate which IOPs are in the UK? If so, is a good one in the suggest iop section. They are very professional and the next day delivery is great. I will post my review in the other section once I have a chance...think i have hit my 5 post limit for today.
I think quite a lot of UK sources have no interest in international business and are specifically UK to UK. The huge majority of forum users are in the USA, so having a European/UK section helps separate things out.

Thanks for posting that source. Good to know they are reliable, even if they are expensive.
This is fine to post it here. It is not always so easy to get from UK to USA right now. I am sure some vendors are still doing so.

Most of the forums round here cater to US members. We have some UK friends for a number of years so we try to keep an area for UK people to come on, check quickly, and decide.

It would be maddening to go thru an entire thread and then see it does not ship to UK.

Thank u for sharing.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Ok I get it, yes I have found that most UK pharmacies only cater to UK customers. I think it is due to the law- the online consultation is how they write a prescription and as UK doctors can only write prescriptions for people in the uk they don't sell to other countries. Even with the recent tightening up of regulation, many pharmacies still sell PKs. They generally do keep an eye on how much you order and restrict it to certain amounts. Also it seems they may communicate with each other in case someone is ordering pks from differant vendors.

Barq- yes they are a bit expensive, but some things are a reasonable price if you order certain amounts. I just think the next day delivery is very good and delivery method and options are excellent. Really helps when you run out of meds and need something quick. From looking at other UK pharmacies, there are some more expansive.

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