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Valerian Root
Wannabe, have you tried melatonin? Works very well for me. I know there are threads on here about it.
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If your are taking some types of meds it wont work,i found it useful though,stinks but just make a small amount of liquid to brew it in so it goes down faster,thus avoiding throwing up.Get it from a real herbalist,not packaged in something else in one of these chain store type healthfoody shops.
What ?
I find it’s effects to be pretty mild, but in lieu of other products, it’s better than nothing. Beware if you have an easily upset stomach though, this herb is quite foul/strong smelling, even when contained in capsules. I would recommend a gel cap form that should totally encapsulate the herb/extract if this is a concern for you.
(06-11-2018, 03:27 AM)maz123 Wrote: Has anyone used this with any success for a sleep aid, or is it supplement BS?
I mean, it did make me feel a little bit "calmer", however I took it at a time where I was stopping a certain medication and was sensitive to everything. It did not help me get a good nights sleep though. Even the capsules blended with valerian and other sleepy time supplements did nothing. Only effective supplement I've taken was that brand "Calm" and has magnesium that you make a tea out of. But still, not comparable to your average sleep medication
I suppose everyone is different though and maybe if you've never taken a chemical based sleep pill then the natural stuff would work wonders. For example like my sister.
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Valeria and kava root have calming effects especially if your not using rx

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