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Serious questions about "brand name promethazine"
If I am breaking any rules by posting this thread, I apologize and please delete.  I don't believe anything I'm writing is in violation.
There was a recent stock of phen-ergen bought from a respected vendor that everyone has access to.  Many use this vendor as they are open for any to see and have been around for a long time but are more known for another class of med they offer.  They are reliable as are their brother(s).  I'm not trying to be too kryptic here and hope most can figure out which or whom I am referring to; the point is: compared to pharm-blistered-without-a-doubt-legitimate phenergen, these contain massive amounts of sugar on the coating, there are inconsistencies (sp?) with those from a blister.  Massive size difference as well (incredibly smaller).  Once bitten into and if one allows enough time to pass, the typical 1st-generation antihistamine numbness is felt on the tongue which is somewhat comforting as this is a well-documented effect when other 1st generation antihistamines are administered sublingually. 

I've taken a dosage I would normally take to fall asleep but find myself typing at the computer and about to go watch some tv.  I'll update in the morning.

Update: definitely promethazine. Just never any phenergen I’ve had before. Things are as sugary as skittles lol!

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