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I wonder if the forum updates might have caused what you are talking about The4thDimension?

IceWizard, is the man, so Im sure you have not had any deleted, if he says so.


I have also done this before , made up a posyt and then did not hit the post button, LOL how silly of me.

Yes I am very silly upon occasion and I know this comes as a shock to all.

Ha ha JK.

(OMG where do I go with this)

Maybe, just smile, Smile , because sometimes that is all we can do.

And I am not trying to high-jack ur thread.

Ok back to the thread now.
(07-12-2018, 02:26 AM)Texaswill Wrote: Awsome thank you  for the clarification.

    I had the same fear because I have been very sick lately and my illness causes me to have fevers at times and I feel too bad to do anything. But I just figured that if I was kicked out for not writing everyday then perhaps I would not have been able to keep up anyway. So I'm glad I found your question because now I know too. also I did not get kicked out. lol
                                                            Take Care,  Wonder
4th Dimension: have u ever posted in ye olde ttm2u thread? ppe2u thread? in an RC thread? Or, u may have welcomed a newbie in his/her thread and then he/she is banned due to new info received within a day or two?

Because if a thread is gone, particularly the first post in a thread, and we lost vendors and we had our vendors being put up on other sites. Even crapadoodle vendors and fake scam artists tried to take over ttm2u forum site once abandoned. These are no longer viable vendors. So i had to take down vendors whom are no more. And that is when u all can lose posts.

Just as poor Ice Wizard said *and bless ur heart for all that work, Ice* he found no deletion of posts. We can see when a post has been deleted. However, we cannot easily tell if your "missing" posts were in a thread we had to delete.

WONDER: PLEASE READ: u don't have to post five times a day. u dont have to post every day. It just depends on you, your schedule, and your preferences.

So, please don't worry so much. We are a forum for the chronically ill, the chronically anxious, those diagnosed with incurable disease. We don't want to put more stress on you by mandating u post every five.2 hours per day.

The problem is newbies try to race and get in all fifty posts at nite. One night. Not realizing we have people here. And the type of person whom makes fifty copied and pasted identical welcome threads in one nite, to see our sources, they are not gonna be the type that lasts here.

Don't be afraid. You gotta have an evil streak in you, or a plan to vend under cover to get on our watch list. You are doing just fine, wonder.

I am chronically ill for about 25 yrs. No hope of recovery. No treatment. And Lord, I do hate the chills to fevers. And I sit up in my couch to do the forum. This is my ministry before the Lord. Cuz i cannot do much else from my couch.

So please don't worry. We got a new type of crowd in here of late. People whom want to take our sources for recreational usage. And whom share them on other forums. Nervy.

You? Not one problem, wonder. We really don't bite. Promise.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
(03-03-2018, 02:58 AM)IceWizard Wrote: I cannot help but notice that some folks try to circumvent the system by posting say an hour before midnight and continue until say 2-3 am ....

That does not cut it... If you post late, that's fine and if you post early that too is fine,,, HOWEVER postings 5 or 6 posts before and after midnight is NOT COOL... I tire of checking if the posts are at o2:30 am and before at 21:42 pm and will start deleting those posts that do not fit the standard 5 post rule... 

So if you start missing 8 or 10 posts in a day, quit making so dang many and you will not see me,,,, continue and I will maje sure you will be cut down to 1 or 3 a day ...


This is the post that made me think I had to get 5 in before midnight and then I was unable to and I started over after midnight to try and get 5 post in for the next 24 hours. Doing that (starting over) made me post too many times) I still don't understand it exactly and it scares me because I have trouble getting to sleep and alot of my posting might be from ""an hour before midnight and continue until say 2-3 am ...."
    "HOWEVER postings 5 or 6 posts before and after midnight is NOT COOL..." If I post alot around midnight am I going to get into trouble? The PM I got said if I started posting at say 11pm I had the next 24 hours to get in my 5 post and I had posted too many times.   But this makes it sound like it starts over at midnight.
            Thanks for straightening me out on this,   I really don't mean to be a pain.
I had to be warned several times during my newbie period to keep the post at 5 a day. It never was intentional but I new the reasoning for the rule was appropriate. With me and im sure with others who have periods if hypinania and in my case antidepressant s exacerbate the problem. I would seem to drop off the face of the earth for a while and then have a period of being extremely chatty for periods of time with the urge to respond, ask questions, post suggestions and so at an incessant rate. But I appreciate the warnings. I tend to flourish in the end in controlled environment. Left to my own devices usually ends in a train wreck. But now i am excited to be getting close to the next milestone of 150 posts. Slowly buy surely wins the race right? Well guys im glad to be here and im glad y'all are all here. Good nite. God bless!!!?

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