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Too busy to spend hours looking for a kava thread.

So, I am sorry invisible jungle, but i have usurped your post to start one off.

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(02-18-2018, 10:57 AM)ComeDayGoDay Wrote:
(02-18-2018, 06:09 AM)inpain2 Wrote:
Both of mine went out the same day also,and came in a week apart.thats got nothing to due with the vendor.I'm sorry what you need didn't come in first.I doubt anybody stole it,its just backed up,have some kava tea and relax,it'll be here Monday.

I will have to check out Kava tea! Thanks for your response!

Kava is loved by many, but please make sure you get it from a reputable source.

This list would be a good place to start:

IJ says this is a legit source. Which sounds good. What say ye?
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Thank you Charon for starting the thread!

Kava didn't do anything for me. I took it in capsule form. I've heard the tea is far more effective. When my mom was a young woman she tried the tea in south america and said the same, no effect to speak of. Very strange, one night when I took a hefty dose I smoked a cigarette (I quit) and it enhanced the effects ten fold, got a literal five minute heavy body high, then it vanished. Strange. I've heard it is harsh on the liver, can anyone back this up?
I've tried Kava capsules as well with little to show for it. I did read an article that NFL Samoan, Pacific Islander players use Kava frequently after games to avoid traditional opioid painkillers.

I heard that Kava was hard on your liver as well, but followup studies haven't shown any correlation. More studies are needed before they try to ban this as well.
Kava TEA?   Oh my goodness, I could think of nothing worse!
Here's the link to another Kava thread

There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
I love good quality kava. Please don't waste your time with "extracts" "capsules" or "tinctures"...kavalactones are extracted best from fresh, ground root material. My girlfriend always gets angry with me because I often cut up her pantyhose in order to strain my kava brews... Big Grin. For kava on the go, research a product called AluBall. It looks and acts similar to a protein shaker. This isn't an endorsement or advertisement, but its a great way to brew kava on the go.

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in the early 90's, I was counseling at a woman's shelter and had occasion to order Kava for myself and most of my client's there. I ordered from a place in Hawaii and remember that the Kava was in it's most unrefined form. I would say that 30 or 35 client's gave it a try, as did my wife and I. I can report excellent results across the board. The primary reason for using it was to come against problems with insomnia in the group. It worked very well for all but one or two of the women. (At an earlier time, we also tried passion-flower tea for the same reason, also with fairly good results). A couple of the women had to stop using the Kava because of eye problems. Nothing severe, but the shelter MD advised them to do so.  Regards, RM
not 100% think it was round 2000's that it was found when kava kava exploded that many farmers started using all parts of plant which resulted in few fatalities and people having liver failure, since then problem has been resolved and RF is spot on if you want true experience as fresh as possible ground root or instant is way to go.
When self preparing one can pick strain and strength since in general effects are mild thus few ceremonies are required but its def worth alternative 30 mins of nice bliss,and good sleep.Its advanced far in recent years where its used for people abusing alcohol as alternative and it does have potential in that area as well.Key point is having approved vendor who buys properly harvested kava kava.

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