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Well I use mg from time to time.  I tried to use online today only to get an error message.  I then phoned them up and they told me my account had been closed by the security team.

Now I haven't used moneygram frequently and certainly not much in the last 12 months so I'm a bit irked by this.

Plus they are also technically holding  £200 of my money as it' never been collected from 2 years ago.

Has anyone come across this before and if I go into a shop am I likely to get the same response?
that is one of the main reasons people on here would say don't do online. they ask far more questions, and even though u may be cool with the questions, their little security teams all discuss the transaction and call u back and ban u.

many r still banned so it cannot be that easy to re open. but i remember seeing maybe three posters in last seven months, whom had the temacity ?sp? to still go into an easy MG place. And the order went through. You are banned online and no one has stated here that it means u r also banned in entire system.

If u can buy MG using a kiosk at a major store, that is the least invasive i have read.

I shall look around as i edit and maybe i can find an answer u seek.
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Just find it odd as I haven't actually used it that much recently so I don't really understand why they've now decided to close it now and for what reason!
I have always been one to not rock the boat but if you are not going to use MG again give them a call and ask them what the hell is going on, just a thought.
Yeah.  Get that money back.  Isn't there a clause that it has to be picked up within a certain amount of time? Huh
If they don't release your funds to you, isn't that the same thing they are trying to stop... A rip-off??

Seems to me that by holding your money, it's the same thing as a robbery...

Get your money back,,, It's yours for God's sake...

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Yeah I'm not to concerned about getting the money back there's ways and means of doing that. Now mg online being used in the UK really isn't that uncommin but yes I note Charons comments. But what puzzles me is they closed my account and have subsequently broken their t&c's but won't tell me why.

I really have hardly used it recently I really an baffled by it
Nowadays there are better more modern ways to send money. Anyway, If you use MG, do what Charon told you, go in person.
to much money flowing to one person and it gets flagged my guess, thus they wouldnt really be breaking any T&Cs both parties get suspended. thou id work on getting the cash owed not smth id let go easily.

try PO if its only option to get funds out.oriental places seem like good choice but last time i did it they asked me to produce license/id again wu stupid regulations.But by doing that if it gets stopped at least you can get funds back as they would have access to terminal and def would have to release it back.
Yes, I am still don't understand how they do it , to accept wu or mg once they get many orders . It spouse that this are service to receive money from friends and family Smile

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