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So on July 1st, my country will celebrate by legalizing cannabis "fully"...
Any other Canadian here knows if hash and oil will also be legal? I've read about how they could have made oil Schedule 1 (!!!!). If there is no hash around like we used to have imported from fail to see the point, it's like they are legalizing the plant but THC/CBD remain only decriminalized (it's already since 2003 or so that one can have up to 30g,

Well, I was just saying that as hash was never made locally, but when high quality cannabis showed up in 1999-2000 etc., hash that people would distinguish by its looks, knowing where it was from just from that, especially when stamped, it all but disappeared. Only times I've seen some has been homemade, which is rare, considering how low the yield is even from high quality green.
My city recently decriminalized MJ, so I was really excited about that. We can have up to 4 OZs or less & only get a small citation. It is really awesome to hear that canada has finally accepted the use of MJ. With legalization, you will see that people start to get really creative with concentrates , edibles, etc. I have no doubt that canada will have all sorts of these type of products.
It is really a none sense that Alcohol is legal and none of this other drugs are.
Good luck c0defish. It's been legalized in my state for a brief period of time now. Wink
Props to Canada on their world leadership when it comes to this policy! Hopefully other dominoes will fall now..
They already are having shortages of supply. People don’t realize that all the new products, it takes a lot more herb to create certain products, and it has to be quality and it all has to be checked. Anyway, any medicine that works as well as this medicine and is not physically addicting and any major way whatsoever. Not only that, but also no one has ever died from smoking too much or vaping too much. I suggest experimenting with not necessarily the highest THC strain even if you have high tolerance, as CBD regulates anxiety and I think the new products are great, but sometimes the old school is the best way, although vacate of course. The difference between vaping and smoking is definitely measurable. Vaping does leave a little bit of a residue but nothing like smoking. Anyway yes Canada deserves a lot of credit, but I wonder how the UN is going to react. I think they have already passed something, but not quite sure. Anyway it is good news. I said on another thread, I am not for abuse of anything, I am just for common sense use a medicine. and sorry but for me and organic plan is as common sense as it gets. Thank you Canada.
Wonder if the dominos will start to fall now?

Heard they were gonna great it like drinking with regards to restrictions
Like where
How much via a drug screen like if ur DWI and intoxicated using breathalyzer

Not sure how they are gonna do that screen
Lots of tax base now
At this particular time in America, people are tired of arguing about marijuana. Just legalize it and let it be. Allow adults to use marijuana recreationally if they chose, similar to laws in place in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Michigan, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. And , honestly, the 21 the allow medical are basically recreational states also
Let us know the quality of the buds that will be sold ! Big Grin

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