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Gym/Working Out
Hi Maeve. I've definitely tried to make it part of my routine so many times, but I always give up on it. I need to find a way to change the way I think about it. Likely if I didn't feel to negatively towards it, like I'd rather be doing anything else, than just maybe it wouldn't seem so bad. I'm glad you're feeling inspired! Smile
Hi Naomi,
Do you hate taking classes at the gym? Or just the gym itself? I find that when I go to a class, (I don't do the other--just use equipment or treadmill, I mean), it takes me about 3 months to get into the routine and feel comfortable. I like it--eventually--bc you make contact with others, but it is limited and typically focused on how hard or easy the class was. Some people make friends and do things together, but I just like to go to the classes, limited involvement.

I also have a mantra when I'm starting back and feel awful and hate it. I just keep repeating to myself in the class, "You're getting stronger every day." Hope your day goes well!
Thanks for your story Blockhead59. Hearing everyone's different experiences is really nice. I've never taken classes at a gym, I just use the machines. I don't like to interact with people when I'm there, I make sure to not even make eye contact. Classes are usually scheduled while I'm at work or asleep. I've always thought they should have late night classes especially at the 24 hour gyms, for people not on the 9-5 type of life.

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