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Already teetering on financial ruin... and 2018 took my insurance.
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It's insane...  Maybe it's the state that I live in?

I officially earn too much for government benefits, but too little to qualify for the health insurance marketplace. 

Why'd I lose so much money? Because I was out sick so much last year.

Its a vicious cycle Sad
So sorry to hear that seems like the good always get punished. But, just keep your chin up and keep working hard. Things can only go up when they are so down. Smile
Hi TK:

Don't expect much sympathy from the Tweeter in Chief and his fellow Gut-Less Majority in Washington for help with your illness. Your exactly the type of person that is in the cross-hairs of TrumpCare. You've got a job... maybe a really good job. It does not matter that you are too sick to perform that job anymore. It does not matter if your employer does not provide you with healthcare insurance. If you want health care benefits from the Government, then you are going to have to scrape your miserable @rse out of bed and make at least a partial contribution to your own care. No matter how sick you are, get back to work!

Don't blame me, I sure as hell did not vote for him.

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