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Already teetering on financial ruin... and 2018 took my insurance.
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It's insane...  Maybe it's the state that I live in?

I officially earn too much for government benefits, but too little to qualify for the health insurance marketplace. 

Why'd I lose so much money? Because I was out sick so much last year.

Its a vicious cycle Sad
So sorry to hear that seems like the good always get punished. But, just keep your chin up and keep working hard. Things can only go up when they are so down. Smile
Hi TK:

Don't expect much sympathy from the Tweeter in Chief and his fellow Gut-Less Majority in Washington for help with your illness. Your exactly the type of person that is in the cross-hairs of TrumpCare. You've got a job... maybe a really good job. It does not matter that you are too sick to perform that job anymore. It does not matter if your employer does not provide you with healthcare insurance. If you want health care benefits from the Government, then you are going to have to scrape your miserable @rse out of bed and make at least a partial contribution to your own care. No matter how sick you are, get back to work!

Don't blame me, I sure as hell did not vote for him.
Wow,it's really sad that you do not qualify for insurance assitance.I have been there,and it has saved me some money by utilizing resources such as this for some chronic health issues well managed with meds. I'm not a doctor but I am an RN,and hit a wall last summer when I fell ill,I literally could no longer walk,my feet and legs and arms,hands,fingers became so edematous and the pressure caused horrible pins and needles,I kept going to work anyway and wanted to figure it out while working and having health ins..But my job in true Corporate American fashion terminated my employment.I did not check 3 boxes in the computer charting,and they called it violation of policy..Health ins retroactively cancelled to last shift 8 worked..I had a very significant Dr. Eval that same day and it ended up costing me 1000s....I qualified for Medicaid as of October.was hospitalized..I've tried working 3 separate times and have had the same thing happen again,I cannot stand,,or my legs and hands throb and swell,turn purple and white and I have alot of itchy skin too..I'm waiting for an SSDI decision..I think I will then be 8n your position,because if I'm awarded the SSDI 8 will get 1800 per month and I think that is too much to keep my medicaid.Im a little worried about this and that's why I took interest in your post..
I'm fully aware of political climate...I feel we are headed toward,something like The hunger games movie..You said you receive govt. Assistance?What do you recieve?
Brutal situation Justice. Thanks for sharing. I hope it works out for you somehow.

Am I the only one who doesn't understand how one on SSDI is not automatically qualified for Medicaid?
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I was after not working for 2 full months,it's all about the income,it says on my award letter you have to tell us if you make over 1325 from any source?I saw a podcast and the programs are separate,It doesn't matter how the money is attained.for me once approved and I know I will be approved,it will be 1800 a month per my past earnings,and I agree it should be for 1 a 3 month process vs a yr or 2,and next food assist and medical because obviously if you qualify for disability you have a condition which requires medical care.....the blind ignorant laws were in place I think from1978,that is way back when,and healthcare once was a lot easier and affordable and now it's insanely expensive,like buying a diamond ring every month or a 1400 dollar or more dress.its more that any car payment I've had and I didn't have health for a while,,no doctors would take me as a patient even if I paid them cash..I recall a dermatologist gave me some steroid cream and 2 refills and said come back when you have insurance.Its a brutal world and I've seen the corruption and lies in the system as I've been working in it,fake plans of care,,it's bolding lies,and now I'm seeing it in my chart notes...
So in order to change the law would we want to think a person with a ssdi income of 2600,which is somewhere around they top of the scale to have full coverage Medicaid?Because now guidelines go for all Medicaid apps on income like I said.we could petition for the law to be changed..Right now I have zero income,well I did try I working again Jan 1st and my leg opened up and became red and painfull,joints hurt..not fun,that prompted a visit to Dr where inflammation markers of heart and liver were when I get the notice of approval I want to have as much medical evidence as possible and treatment options.I will have to live with my mom on the lower income and if the treatment is extensive,,I don't know how to manage that,automatically quality after 2 yrs for Medicare once u start receiving ssdi..that's another old rule and there's no explaining it is the way it is,because it was written that way

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