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I was a member of the original forum and was wondering how I could find out if certain vendors are still good to go that I used to love? I don't remember if they were in the 50 post area back then, but I definitely don't see them here and was wondering if I can post a question asking about a specific vendor not listed, or can i ask a member or mod thru messaging? Thanks!
What "Original Forum" .... When was that ....

If I may ask? Smile

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Hi mattchassee welcome

You will need 50 posts to message folks in PM

And Ice’s question is still hanging cause understanding this may help you

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I believe you were at Evil testers forum. He went crazy and let a vendor buy him out. He banned fifty of us on one day and we began here.

We have rules and we enforce them, btw.

However, it is very very difficult to get a delivery through nowadays. LE is tough. So, we would suggest you make posts. Five a day. We have vendors showing now. A few more at fifty posts and you can PM.

We do have vendors but u gotta realize that this is the toughest time i have seen in almost a quarter of a century.

You can PM a question once u make fifty posts. Five a day.

We are not the old forum which went down. Actually two of them went down over the years.

This one won't. But we need to stick to rules. Because it is brutal in both real life and online to attempt to get one's needs met. It will take a bit of time.

The rules:

Good luck. Be careful because u may get ripped off. You can start here:
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Welcome! Make a few posts a day and you'll be at 50 in no time.
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