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Hi Jok4R,  I always enjoy hearing about new Newsagencies and love checking out their catalogues, but - oh my goodness!
I spent 15 minutes thoroughly searching their four suggested sites but could find only a few popular titles at best.
And you're right - they are really expensive!  Fancy asking $10 for a single magazine?  I mean, What The...?
I just don't know how this place will manage to survive when there's so much competition out there supplying the same stock for $1 an issue.

Getting your mags delivered quickly was a bonus, but in my opinion, overshadowed by the cost of the exercise.
Just like you, I wouldn't be rushing back either  Sad
it could survive, as so many vendors have L3 on their tails. So, u received. It is just expensive. OK.

Let us see what happens.

Good luck to any whom try them.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Update- the read was excellent! As mentioned still have another magazine on its way. The customer service has been excellent. Answer right away and know about each order you have placed. I know I’m a noob here and it was only after I literally placed an order with them that I stumbled onto this place. A lot of people have no choice I guess but to get there mags from another news stand such as myself. I will say this though... $20 may be a lot to someone and $100 is nothing to another. But in the end l‘m greatful for all the shopping advice you all shared.
Update- received the second subscription and was all in tact! Must say very impressed with the quality of the read beyond amazing! Not Discreet but no issues at all. All I know is they delivered as promised. Customer service via phone is also prompt. Just thought I’d let you know. Cheers to all
To them... you’re just a freak like me...
Great to hear you've received both subscriptions without issue, JoK4R. It sure is a relief when they arrive, isn't it? Big Grin 
So it seems everything is above board, and just on the costly side. Perhaps they'll get spared from the blacklist.

I had a very similar experience to yours with my first IOP subscription (from 'Quality-Cures').
It was only after I had placed my order with them that I found reviews about them at IOPList.
Looking back, I realize now how lucky I was not to have been scammed.
But my magazines arrived quickly, similarly indiscreet but without issue, quality reads, great publication dates, great customer service.

Since those early days, I've been guided by our friends at IOPList and can assure you that you can't go wrong following the recommendations in the Open IOPList Forum area.
It's true that sometimes the mags take a couple of days longer to arrive, but the delay is actually quite calculated and purposeful and in our best interest.
(Can't say much more than that, really.)
And the magazines are the often better quality. They also offer amazing customer service and they're all at the most competitive prices you'll find.

Take your time, I'm sure you've got lots of reading ahead of you already. But when the time comes to consider another Newsagent, head on over to the loved and respected vendors in the open IOPList Forum and have a look through their catalogues.  You are sure to be impressed.
Just my 5c worth Wink

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