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Hello All!
Hello All,

It's refreshing to find a place like this where others share the same issues and needs. I look forward to listening to you and sharing as well. Hope everybody has a fantastic and productive week  Smile
Hi Tazcarm,

Good to meet you! Hope you look around and contribute to the forum.

I don't want to be the rain on the parade, and maybe I'm projecting here, but, you asked a question in another thread that idk if anyone can/will answer according to the rules. I may be wrong, but just figured I'd give you a heads up, in case that's the case.

Someone else will chime in an let you--and me--know, I'm sure.

Have a good day.
welcome aboard. may u find all u need. the rules, which are enforced:

i checked the other post that was mentioned. People, vendors get very upset to see their name in another vendors thread.

And i know that a certain vendor, probably most of them, have spies whom report back to them. I got an email and a phone call cuz i mentioned once about how long i used said vendor. Suffice to say, I shall never do that again.

But, u r not in trouble. Its just our forum is read and quoted all over the place and it is not necessarily to our benefit.

So, lets be careful. Imagine the vendor is rite there reading your post cuz he will have someone doing so. Just sayin.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thanks, Charon, I appreciate your verifying my hunch. I just don't want anyone to needlessly get in "trouble." Thanks for clearing it up for me, too.

Tazcarm, don't be mad at me, dude. I was just trying to help you out! Best!
And that is the way it should be helping the members.
None of us are perfect so a little help now and again is a good thing.

Oh pardon my manners member Tazcarm, welcome .

“Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.”
Hello Tazcarm and welcome.

What a nice first posting. I hope you have a great week too. I'm fairly new in these parts too, see you around.
not to mention, we pretty much read every post made here. I get to see the spirit of the place and how people interact and its now what i have been doing for awhile.

so please don't be upset. we do not read PMs which, to us, is disgusting behavior. But other forums do read them. Pafooey.

But, u did not say anything that i would not have read at least thirty more times before tomorrow afternoon. Not to mention Our Ice Wizard and our Mad Max. They get around.

Its not a biggie. We are not as bad as say, the Soup Nazi of tv, but its been an horrific year in both the real world and online in terms of patients being appropriately treated. So, really it is nice to protect each other. It is brutal out there.

Have glorious nites all.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Hi and welcome, Tazcarm. Hope your week is wonderful, too.  Smile
Welcome. We are glad to have you aboard. I hope to see you out on the threads.
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