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just me?
Just from a financial point of view-I can only get small units and can generally only use one person at a time and to be really honest I need to have a good month in which I can afford to "gamble" which after a few snags is what I consider trying to help my condition.  I have to be able to absorb a loss and not get behind in my bills.

As much as I would like have more optionst-this is all I can do right now-not a complaint but a reality and I do wonder what the future is going to hold online and with the medical community and their attitudes in general, many new docs will turn you down even with long term reasonable proven scripts.  Personally know post-surgical patients not being treated properly for pain.

I know I say this too often-decriminalize everything and let people be responsible.

Cigs-Alcohol-Tylenol and in some places problem "it's legal" and therefore safe.

Oh you have anxiety and would like something to ease your mind and lower your blood must be a "Junkie" we do not care how low your dose is-go away we don't get paid to fix that.

Ah well thank for the space...January blues.
You're not alone. I know a certain someone on this board has mentioned they have a high stress job (attorney, well, I would consider it to be a high stress job) and you'd think given today's climate, it would be the other way around with some of these things, but unfortunately, it's definitely not that way.
What is the situation with needing new doctors for new scripts? Might meme not understanding the US health system. Here we have an allocated GP who is responsible for prescribing your medication. It's a bit more difficult to continually move doctors,and would probably bring up some flags to be wary about prescribing (the way of the world I;m afraid)
Unfortunately doctors now get blamed for everything and as a result are extremely hesitant to script anything. Its really too bad for people who actually need a medication. I mean I personally don't blame a doctor if someone takes way too many pills or mixes it with alcohol. But many believe its the doctors fault.

Before doctors gave out too much then now its the opposite and you can't get anything.


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