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Fake AMbien
Beware of certain fake ambien. Examples: Lypin - contain absolutely zero active ingredient.  Zolfresh: for some reason people keep buying this one up, but it is extremely week at best. Packaged well, but is nothing more than a placebo. Zolfed-10: cut with benzos and will test positive in a common urine test for such. 

Just a heads up on some of the most common brands I see people ordering again and again. Mostly just chalk.
Zolfresh is for sure garbage and i got it from a sponsor here.
I have had all three of these and can confirm these three; Lypin; Zolfresh and Zolfed and I agree that these have no active ingredients and may as well be sugar pills. I usually take 1-2 pills a night, but I got frustrated with these and finally took 10. Nothing happened.. It was just a very, very... very, Boring .. night of no sleep...

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