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Smart drugs aka Nootropics etc
Im wondering who has the best selection of things like modafinil, nuvigil, or even provigil. I know of one site that starts with RUP and they seem to have alot of things to go along with them like cererbolysin, semax, selenak etc just wondering if anyone on here has them also to compare?

thanks alot
I'm not into nootropics myself, but I think I know the site you're referring to. I've ordered from them before and found them reliable. There's also, which has a pretty wide selection and is very reliable.
I have been using a reliable source for good quality modafinil and armodafinil for a little while. They sell Mod*lert and Modv*gil both of which seem good products to me.
NootropicsDepot has an amazing selection and a fantastic reputation in the Noots community. Prices are unfortunately a wee bit on the high side but I've had no problems, let alone see anyone else in the community have problems. They don't stock Mod@finil or @rmod@finil but I know there are plenty of places you can find such mags.

I've been very active in the nootropics community for 3+ years now and it's still a subject that continues to fascinate me. If you're interested in a particular magazine I'm happy to share and discuss what I know, whether in this thread or through PM.

Best of luck! Also, Rupharma are pretty great. Also have a great rep in the community. Have only ordered from them a couple of times personally but no complaints both times.
Sub pharma has great mod.
I meant to say sun pharma*. Crackdown? Government finally cares about it? Mod is a wonder drug IMO.

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