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AG to crackdown of legalized MJ
Our Attorney General is set to crackdown on states that have legalized mj. Jeff $essions has been pushing the war on drugs his entire political career and now he has the power to do something about it. Will this affect medical mj as well? I believe that his boss, POTUS, had said during the campaign that he would let the states decide as our previous president did. Stay tuned.
So much for the "will of the people" when the majority of the US population supports legalization.
He is a slimy piece of shit who has nobody's best interests in mind. Sorry but I effing hate that creep.
Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. ~ Mark Twain
This AG can't find his butt using both hands. Lets just hope that he is too incompetent to make a difference. I would say that's a pretty safe bet. Hard to believe that the guy is even a lawyer. This is a states issues if there ever was one.
Reilli, I actually just laughed out loud reading your post! Agree with others, too. Perhaps this whole possible new attempt at MJ federal overreach will take a back-burner seat with all that's going on. Do you, MoJim, ghostofjack, and Rafterman, or anyone really think states will allow this to happen? Serious question. I just find that hard to believe, but that has failed me in the past. lol
Oh my Lord this pissed me off,no way are we just stupid clowns who follow the herd,it's not the weed it's the not using pharmacists and MDs,,it takes away the sales,but what the heck,all plants in rare form,meaning leaf form flowers whatever should not be regulated like this,it is our right in a free country to be able to help ourselves.I bet he has big stock in pharma where they want you to take 8 synthetic non opiate pills to quiet down pain and anxiety or whatever,with kratom it's same,and even turmeric is on list as it's been found to be a great antiinflammatory..I cannot take nsaids,,it flares my asthma..I'm not going to the doctor and paying 300 a visit for a pill refill,,seriously last time I went they said why are you here today,I told them I need pill refil,and I have these leg wounds,,more like necrotic leg ulcers...they said I could be seen for one thing at a time,so I should have brought 600 dollars for 10 min with doctor?and then lab,then refer to specialist..omg.its just a racket as is the current insurance price increase,in 2010 my health ins through work was 160 a pay check 2 wks..for me and family,in 2015 same coverage 1090 just for me?And no catastrophic available so u can pay cash for small things and be covered for unforeseen big things at lower cost,,that voted down,wages lower,ava nurse in my state made 38 an hour in 2010,when I was making 48 an hour for critical care nurse,,the same place will rehire me for 34 dollars an hour now....and rents from 1035 to 1530 over 5's pushing us down so we are not with power and soon it will be like the hunger games.....maybee 100 yrs,,does anyone see this if we do not stand up to these jerks...if we are a pain in there side or agenda they dump us,or kill us and make it look like an's really a cruel selfish world,not everywhere but we really need to stand for our rights to choose to medicate or whatever we want to do,,why do we want to pay for people to be jailed for weed use?Look at all of the jobs would be lost,Fed needs to back out or we need to recede out of the union

(trying to keep it clean as possible) Forget Jeff sessions. In this field he's an uneducated idiot. ON To TO THE NEXT ONE TRUMP. YOU'RE FIRED JEFF.

His name is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. It says a lot
"Man is a universe within himself" Bob Marley
Latest word... Mr Magoo is not going to go after the smaller shops and hesitant about visiting the medical facilities.
After all the US government does hold the patent on the extraction of cannabidiol (go figure) and all medicines made from it.
Local relations will be deciding actions on local people.

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