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What Med was used for your Colonoscopy?
(12-30-2017, 02:55 AM)fishfarmer Wrote: For those of you of a certain age, 50 for men, Please get this done for yourself and those who Love You!! My Guy gave me Etizolam which I believe is a new sort of Benzo, and since I have a tolerance I was wide awake and spotted the polyps he was looking for and drove him nut's as I conversed throughout the entire procedure, which is very uncomfortable when you are wide awake! Have heard it is not the med normally used? Caught early it is said to be one of the easier Cancers to Cure, So "Get ER' Done" Folks! Hope 2018 is a Great one for YOU All-FF

Hi Fishfarmer,

May I ask what country you live in? I'm surprised you were given etizolam, since this benzo is only prescribed in Asia. It is a non-controlled research chemical in western countries.

When I had an upper endoscopy, they gave me midazolam and fentanyl.
I heard the exact same thing My Friend and do not understand? I Live in the middle of the USA, and it is just a guess, but perhaps the FDA is allowing some usage for Dr. feedback and eventual approval of the substance for use here? Our State Hatcheries did the same thing with Chloramine-T an oxidant used to treat farm raised fish for Bacterial gill disease when they are young. It is now approved for use in food-fish production, thank heaven. Good Question invisiblejungle. Cool Handle, PM me if you care to share how you came up with it, I have an idea but it is a stretch-FF
For my 50th birthday, I got taken out to dinner, given some lovely suitcases, and an appointment for a colonoscopy. Yes, the prep is dreadful, leading to desperate jokes like "it feels like the bottom is falling out of your world, when in fact the world is falling out of your bottom".

They offered me a choice of anesthetics and for some reason I didn't want to be medicated (I don't recall why, I think perhaps it might have been asthma-related. These days I'd take anything they offered) and they said they'd never done an unsedated patient before, but were willing to try, as I could always change my mind at any minute.

So they swung me round so I could face the TV screen and there I am watching video of my own intestines, in real-time, 3-D color. It's so interesting that I basically forget that someone is shoving feet of optical cable up my butt. The Doctor is talking me through it as thought it were some kind of vehicle test drive from the showroom, pointing out features of my colon (nothing unusual, thankfully),  and when the procedure is finished, she remarks that they've never had a colonoscopy go so effortlessly, presumably because I was able to shift position on demand, whereas most people are just dead weight after they are sedated (excuse the expression). So it can be done, and with a minimum of fuss. And it was still hugely less hassle than the prep.
Benny, That it something else! You must admit some real discomfort when they made the hard turns? If not you are a tougher Guy than I am. It is really cool and I am glad you got to see it all, Modern medicine is fascinating! Although I will opt for a stronger med next time. Only 3 years since they removed 8 or so polyps which I guess means I am at a higher risk? Enjoy your weekend and if you read this, Why did you choose to have it done without sedation? Best Too You Benny-FF

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