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After ordering for many years, I finally got the dreaded Love Letter
I wasn't gonna mention it bc it was so long ago, and I don't have any "real" advice, but I got one once. I immediately called my sister, who told me to just throw it away. It looked like and the language read very much like the one Raven posted, but it was even before that. My sis told me to eat the loss. I don't remember if I told doc at the time and if I did what result was. My sis had a least one and was not worried. I was less cavalier about the whole thing. I'm knocking on wood as I type. Nothing ever happened from those who sent my love letter.

I think that Charon, Raven and everyone who responded had extremely knowledgeable and wise suggestions. I don't have anything valuable to add. Except, maybe, try not to worry, Glousk.

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