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After ordering for many years, I finally got the dreaded Love Letter
Hey IOP folks!

I hope the festive period has been, and I mean this, a wholly pleasant time for each and every one of you. If I could send a Christmas hug to each and every one of you I'd do it in a second. Unfortunately at this time of year, loneliness strikes (ironically enough, millions and millions of people across this crazy blue and green ball we live are lonely...yet there are so many of does make you wonder if technology and so-called social media has turned many folk unintentionally socially isolated. Not even just amongst the elderly, but youngsters too. 

If anyone here's been having a bit of a rough or a lonely time and trying to make sense of what can be a stressful time of year...give me a shout in this thread and I'll happily chat with you. I've been a bit inactive for reasons I'll dive into in the next paragraph down but once I hit the big 50 post, I'll be able to celebrate by knowing that all of you can feel welcome 24/7 to chat to me about absolutely bloomin' anything at all. It's true what they sing in The Blues Brothers (the first film, not the ghastly sequel, I think everyone who's seen both will agree with me there!) that 'Everybody Needs Somebody'. As strong as we all are, as strong as we can be, we are always stronger unified somehow. Going without social contact for too long isn't natural, and we must remind ourselves to even wave to our neighbours or post to online anonymous friends in order to maintain an adequate feeling of manageable mental health. Because, when you're down, as evil as the world can look sometimes (which makes the inhabitants of the world appear somewhat evil too) - sometimes all it takes is a small chat and a smile not just to change your day for the better, but to changes someone else's who may well need it more than you think. I'm talking about the people with smiles in their faces who always seem to be there for everyone else...but is anyone ever there for them? Is anyone ever there for them in the same way? Does anyone else smile at them in the same way?  It's easy to think that depression is the sad, hunched over fella begrudgingly getting from A to B, but truth to be told it could be anyone. 

I'm a bit sleep deprived so I'm not convinced I've articulated myself too fantastically but my point is, try not to be lonely, try to ensure others aren't lonely and finally be as kind and as full of empathy as your mind allows towards other human beings. Other human beings, just like you and me, who were taught "treat others how you want to be treated" when we were much younger" but sometimes don't always remember to. Going out of your way to smile and make idle chit chat with an elderly person, any person at all today could radically improve their day. Something that takes minimal effort and time has the power to make someone, for at least a while, happy. I think we're all capable of that, and though I've only been here a short while I know there's some incredibly kindhearted folk here who can do that.

I just wanted to preface this post with a message of positivity(well, realistic positivity, shall we call it? Haha) because I had some rather bad news two weeks ago now. Border Force, bless their souls, decided to leave me a Christmas Card this year, except instead of a merry piece of cardboard it was actually what is a Love Letter. I was gutted but it'd been in Customs so long I kind of expected it.

Been ordering mags and similar online products since 2013, I always thought it was always the 0.1% (if even that pitiful amount!) of people who received LLs in the post. Back on a different forum I posted on around 2013-2015, seizures and letters from Border Force were almost unheard of. I remember only one post during those whole two years of any package getting seized, and it was travelling to Australia which is notorious for high seizure rates and has been for a while, to be fair. Poor Aussies, eh? 

Thankfully my vendor - who is not only a spectacular vendor but also a truly wonderful and exceptionally kind soul - agreed to reship everything, to which I have been incredibly grateful for due to the fact it is not a small or cheap order by any means. However...the new package has been in customs for slightly over a week now and I have an utterly terrible feeling of dread gripping me on this one. I know people may rush to inform me that customs can sometimes be rather slow throughout the year, let alone the festive period however I have also managed to get a (less crucial order) through customs after 2 days despite also being on the opposite, albeit different side of the world. 

I truly am fretting that if this is seized too I'll face consequences. I mentioned earlier I hadn't been on Iop over the last week or so earlier in this post, and I must admit my own mental health has taken a dip and as such I've been reluctant to come to the forums simply because it's currently a reminder that I have EVERYTHING in a parcel that could make me no longer ill...that may be seized yet again. The LL I received from Border Force stated if they were to find a new suspicious package the punishment would be either an unlimited fine or up to seven years in prison. 

Not top sure why I'm complaining about this, I suppose I just need to rant my frustrations out since this isn't really the standard topic one would have with family, friends or coworkers. I won't lie...i just feel awful. I hate having to say that because I despise feeling or showing weakness but if a package - which cost me a great deal of money and could land me in severe legal troubles _ doesn't show up at my door, I really don't know what to do. 

Just try to concentrate on the more positive aspect of this post because I know there's so many good people suffering here infinitely more than I am so I shouldn't be complaining, and had the package just been seized and thrown away in doubt I would be moaning and groaning as I am. Unfortunately, there's something very scary and official looking about the Border Force papers and I would really like my mental health to have a small victory for once and be reunited with my mags. 

If anyone had any news about post being in customs (I'm based in Europe) for a week and still arriving through your letterbox okay, I would really appreciate it right now, perhaps as a small comfort. 

Much love and wishes of happiness for you all in these strange, strange times indeed.
Hi Glousck

I’m sure what you are going thru is very upsetting
Thx for posting and talking it thru

I’m not expert on LL ‘s by any streach but I do not think you can be charged as easily as it states in the letter

Maybe someone else will chime in here to help shine light for you

You made a lot of good thoughts in your post
Yes you did

Hope things work out for you

 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
Hi Glousck , i know the gut punch you feel now, imagine its even worse when its festive season and one shouldnt even worry about such things but rather be happy and celebrate.
As Linville said above them letters should be interpreted differently, first time i ever hear of mention that person would be in trouble next time, if it was important to them they would done something not send LL.Anyway scratch that off do make some changes in future to use diff addy or name, now i no idea what mags you gotten but if in doubt next time when u get it leave it sit,or put return to sender etc for at least few good days,dont pick into it.
sent u a PM GL. u cannot respond yet.

but LLs happen.

I have a copy of one a member sent me last year. Christmas time. The final page indicated that a civil penalty is being created and that said member would receive that letter soon. She never did.

I read elsewhere that because some vendors decided to try differing routes, to avoid the delivery people whom coop with the feds, that a person received a Letter of interdiction indicating if she kept up with this lifestyle, she may face criminal charges. From USPS. I have not researched it. No one else said same to me. I would need to read the document to be certain as to what was said. So many freak when getting a letter, that they don't read all the paragraphs and pages and may jump to horrible and hopefully wrong conclusions.

Last year was brutal. Countries were targetted and an awesome vendor could not get packages outta his/her country. And people received no Letters of interdiction. Said vendor has worked long and hard to re establish his business.

I am thankful that I read many a LEO was in service searching for that damned tainted med that unscrupulous vendors, with bunk meds, sprinkle on top.

So this holiday season may have seemed like a journey thru hell for some of you. Yes, delays were evident but if our gvt is protecting our citizens with some new method of "knowing" what is in a package, then i am good with that.

Cuz it was hell on earth when package after package allegedly went out from a vendor, but no one received LLs nor packages. Nor the reships we all were promised.

It is true i obtain very little and the schedule i do take is laughable. But, I think we had an easier year this season.

And, I pray it picks up for all those in chronic need, chronic pain and anxiety, and for all our wondeful vendors whom must do a heck of a lot behind the scenes to get holiday season done. And, done well.

I wonder what surprises we may have in store the next holidays. oye vey.

I do think many of us lucked out this season because LE had a very dangerous problem on its hands and that search for Tainted meds took priority.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
i remember a forum or two back, wherein a man named Bob ordered to OZ. Few yrs ago. He got a LL.

Most of u know the dangerous countries to order from. It is true Canada and Australia have problems. And that UK people should maybe order only from UK. I don't know if that changes a penalty phase should one be caught.

I am sorry GL.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Is there any site that has more detail on LL LE letters?
Just wondering if someone has a link handy before I start digging around. The mention of these have me both curious and scared to death!
(12-30-2017, 12:19 AM)K_Dub Wrote: Is there any site that has more detail on LL LE letters?
Just wondering if someone has a link handy before I start digging around.  The mention of these have me both curious and scared to death!

Dig around this site. As far as I know there isn't a site...which is a good thing.
For what it's worth Glousck, this is what a typical US CBP "Love Letter" looks like:


Yea, not too hard to deal with... accept the loss, consider yourself lucky, and move on to your backup vendor for a while. I don't know if the seizure process works the same way in the UK. Bless your vendor for sending a replacement order, but I do think that the timing of the re-shipment is unfortunate since that order is now stalled in Customs. Let's be hopeful and assume it is a Holiday delay for now. It may still come through.

I have said it in my posts before, but I do think that the clampdown on Opiods, synthetic variants, and the killer Fentanyl is affecting us all. I do not, for one moment, deny that these substances present a lethal problem which has reached epidemic proportions in communities throughout the USA. I am also convinced, unfortunately, that there will be collateral damage to those of us seeking lower schedule meds as a result of the clampdown. This makes for an interesting read Washington Post Article.

Sorry I don't have much to offer specific to your situation in the UK. It would be great to hear from tommygun or kristof on this topic.

I Wish You the Best of Luck Glousck.
Hi Charon, You say that people in uk should maybe only order from uk but I have found it impossible to find a uk supplier. I recently bought diaz from PK and it cleared customs with no probs. Is diaz considered a 'lower schedule med' and therefore less likely to be seized? I ordered a relatively small amount, a few blister packs of 10. Was I just lucky this time or is a small order of diaz unlikely to cause a problem anyway?
we have some UK members. If u see your question, they may just PM you to point u in the right direction.

I could swear we had a private discussion and that penalties for vendors in UK were harsh. Not at all sure.

I work with the members in their private lives. Vendor info i read here and on forums.

I just recall at this and last forum we were at, we noted that the UK vendors kept repeatedly coming back to this forum with a scam.

I just know we all used a UK place or three some years back. But, those of us in the US were informed they no longer ship to the US.

The info is out here. I am sure someone will help you. But, it was busy as all get out here. Now, some are taking vacations.

If anyone knows of a UK vendor that is vetted by our forum, please PM same to me, or post it here. Thank u.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

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