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gabapentin seems to be gaining popularity.. in a bad way, that I see.. in my area.
some are turning to it and c@tapres.. when mixing the 2 together you get what I'm told is "like being drunk" and others say it's close to the "feeling of H".
I've been on it, taking it as I should for many years.
I agree with all the precautions and side effects.
only use what works for you!!
it is sad that I have to deal with all the side effects.. rather than just be given a low dose muscle relaxer,,,
Gabs are mad cheap.
Gabapentinoids are like the benzos of this generation, supposed to be "safe and non-addictive." Gabapentin withdrawal can be worse than benzo withdrawal for some people, with some having symptoms lasting for years.
@invisiblejungle, I've too read about people who have withdrawal symptoms for years and years after cessation, some nightmare material is available. It's funny how doctors hand the stuff out like its perfectly safe. My current doctor, one of the newer generation, actually told me that it is non-addictive and that there are no cases of withdrawal, she gives it to me like candy, fortunately I space out my dosages.
@andybones, sorry to hear that it is becoming popular in your area like that, too bad but no doubt inevitable as it clearly is abusable. And YES! It is so cheap, 60x for $2-3 depending on insurance.
Same with my doc, has no problem giving me the stuff, encourages me to take more if pain is still there after the 3 a day i am meant to take, i dont i stick to 2 usually, never 6 or 7 like i was told was ok to take, there is no rec use from these things as far as i know, i dont mix them with anything to make them rec, the pregabs sound worse to me, wouldn't take them if i was offered them, have seen friends getting ill from WDs from them , no thanks .
Holy crap, people are ******** Lyrica.
I tried to used it for insomnia, but it long to much on my body, after 9 hours of sleep, it was like being drunk , kinda good feeling, but not if you need to work.
Those comments under the you toob vid are some of the dumbest things i have read in a while, sure is a lot of ignorance out there, think most of it is on you toob, really dumb.

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