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barq is correct about gabapentin,its side effects from long term use are awful,its caused me some horrible symtoms,mostly my stomach,i wouldn't want to go on pregabs either,what can you do about nerve damage or arthritis symptoms though,i cant just go all day in pain,gabs were just about keeping it under the lid,all this gut problems make me wonder if its worth it?doc hasnt been much use,seriousley thinking of finding a new one,fed up of being a guinea pig.
I had no idea about these side effects of Gabapentin either guys and thanks to Barq for the info. I've been using them for about 3 years now for pain and mild tremors. I'll be doing some research about these side effects and withdrawals that go with this med and talk with my Doc as well,soon. Stroke is also in my family history so I have a personal intrest in this post/thread.
All medication has its downsides im afraid. Trust me gabapentin are a better option pregablin (this seems a particularly nasty medication that is taking a grip of places at tbe moment)
I have a friend who takes gabapentin for pain (recent hip replacement and chronic knee issues, both of which she's waiting -- on insurance--to have done), anxiety, and restless leg. She swears it helps her with all three, especially anxiety. I will have to ask if she's aware of side effects. Especially since she takes other meds as well as MM. Thanks, barq, and everyone for all the information.
Surprised it helps with anxiety are you sure its not pregablin?
Just texted her bc I'm curious too, now.
Gabapentin is being prescribed in the UK for anxiety. Despite my warnings, it does have its place and on balance I don't regret using it. I was luckier than many with the gut issues. Although I felt really nauseous when I first started taking it, ginger tea helped, and after a week or so that side effect had gone away.

What we've clearly established in this thread is that the side effects and addiction issues are seriously underestimated. As for Pfizer, well there is a long history of big pharma claiming things are non addictive, only to concede they were addictive at a later stage. Valium is an obvious example, but did you know heroin was actually marketed as a cure for opium addiction?!
I didn't know that barq but it doesn't surprise me, bit like methadone prescribed for heroin addiction,a far worse drug, they should get those who want off H with pharma grade H in tablet form,is this the same company who claimed certain opiod meds were not addictive in the US?Look where thats lead to with the fent thing,was never told gabapentin was addictive by my gp,no mention of gut problems either, really have ended up making me unwell this stuff, only other thing gp has offered for pain is amytriptaline,an anti-depressant, i was prescribed that years ago, did not like the effects it had on me.

When the hell are drs going to prescribe decent painkillers for pain instead of these unknown meds that end up causing more illness, i know where i stand with painkillers, with these unknowns i don't know how its going to effect me, neither does my gp, should not be prescribing things they do not know how will actually work (or not) on us people.
I have found that most docs have zero problem prescribing this. It’s safe and not addictive and cheap cheap cheap. Ask your doc about it
Pebbles1. You are right, most doctors have absolutely no problem prescribing g@bapentin but I wouldn't say that it isn't addictive. You should read the horror stories of withdrawals. It is cheap but people should still be informed on it. Within the next few years it will be scheduled. All g@bapentonoids have potential for addiction.

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