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Searching for a few certain brands of @LP that continuously eelude me
Is anyone familiar with any of the brands of @lpr@zol@m known as Helex, Frontin, Centrapharm, or LPH-Labor Med?  I recently read an article that listed the top 10 brands of Alprazolam and I was surprised that Helex was one of the highest praised and tool up 4 of the 10 spots on the list. I'm really interested in obtaining some of the Helex as well as the Frontin and Ratiopharm. 

                     BEST ALPRAZOLAM 

Country/Generic Manufacturer or Proprietary Name Ranked in order of quality.

1. Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay,  Gador Pharma -Alplax- Best 2mg bars in the world.

2. Bosnia-Herzegovina-Serbia   Galenika "Kasolol Best 1 mg tablets in the world

3. Hungary - Helex by Krka Pharma all sizes

4. Cz Republic - Helex by Krka Pharma all sizes

5. Russia - Helex by Krka Pharma all sizes

6. Slovenia - Helex by Krka Pharma all sizes

7. USA - Greenstone  2mg bars, and all smaller sizes

8. Netherlands - Alprazolam by CentraFarm all sizes

9. USA - Alprazolam by Watson 2 mg bars and all other sizes

10. Dutch West Indies (St. Maartin) Alprazolam by CentraFarm all sizes written by Phillipsburg Medical Doctor in the antilles

10. Dutch West Indies (Antilles) (same as above)M.D. in Phillipsburg, St. Maartin

11. Mexico Alprazolam "Tafil" by
Pfizer-Investigation para de vida "all sizes only written by a Mexican M.D affiliated with a 4 or 5 star luxury hotel Pacific Coast, or the
larger medium interior cities who directs patient to a ethical Pharmacia" Top Quality, just like Roche Valium sealed in Roche blister packs with clear tape, with three different holiograms, expire date thru the year 2018, from scripts.

It seems that Helix is fantastic quality! 
Well I jumped into the river to many times to make it home...

never even heard of helix. of course we've all heard of gadors and ksalols. gadors are like the female orgasm, almost a myth these days. ksalols are plenty though.
Helex is made by KRKA (The same manufacturers of Auparin di@z@p@m). CentraFarm from the Netherlands sounds like a good option to. FRONTIN didn't make this Top 10 list but from what I've gathered it is very similar in quality as Pfizer.
Well I jumped into the river to many times to make it home...

I mean, is there really that much difference between #2 and #5, for example?
I was one of the very lucky few who managed to obtain a small supply of Helex from a vendor in here who unfortunately went feral and was immediately banned.
And Yes, IOPNess - I can honestly assure you that there is a huge difference between Kasolol and Helex.
Helex is leaps and bounds ahead. It is FAR superior in my opinion. Easily the best alp I've ever had the pleasure of entertaining.

I regard my Helex as prized possessions; they are reserved for use only after the most horrendous day, when I need to let go of everything quickly for the sake of my sanity.
Believe me, if they were hidden away in some quiet corner of the vendors in the IOPList thread, I'd advise you to read more thoroughly.
But unfortunately not. They are "as rare as hen's teeth" - so if you ever get the chance to secure some, Just Do It.

I can see that you are relatively new in here Quest4Peace.
As a rule members find ways of asking for leads a little less blatantly than you have in this post.
I understand that this will seem counter-intuitive, especially in a thread named "Who's got it? ".
But what you might feel is an innocent question could easily be interpreted as a 'demand for sensitive information' by the Powers That Be. 
I encourage you spend some time reading 10 or 20 pages of a few different threads - so that you learn the 'languaging' used in here.
You will find that there are ways of asking questions that will get you very helpful responses.

Best of luck.
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
I didn’t care for the Helex but did care for the Helex SR! Was getting them for $23/bx. Ughhhhh.

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