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Hello fishfarmer

Im sorry to read about ur father being so sick

Best of luck dealing with all of the issues surrounding it


 If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.
Fish farmer,
So sorry to hear about your dad. I do know there are certain strains that help. However I am not that knowledgeable to know which ones are. Possibly someone else does?
Hi fishfarmer. I'm terribly sorry about your dad. I am hoping that he can get some relief from trying the mmj. Hang in there....
This too shall pass. Heart
(12-11-2017, 12:51 AM)fishfarmer Wrote: Grew and smoked a ton when younger. "The Munchies" we called it back then as our appetite was incredible after smoking. Live in Nebraska and MJ is Illegal. Are there forms of MJ that a Doc can script that may increase appetite as I know Dad will not smoke MJ, Cancer in stomach, that may make a difference? Your thoughts appreciated-FF  Thanks

Really sorry to hear that, would He consider edibles? And Xanax munchies are far stronger than bud munchies.
Thanks for all the great advice my friends! Dad was an Orthodontist, so kind of a Doc, and always said that if it has real medical potential, it should be legal. He txted me today that he will discuss it with Doc! A friend at work gave me a nice Bud today but I know he would not use an illegal substance. Does this Marinol you speak of, give you "The Munchies" and improve appetite? I know forms of MJ have been used to reduce Nausea in folks undergoing chemo, but is that all it does? Thanks for the support you all. Just a fun fact, Dad was quarterback for the GB Packers when they won the National Championship Game (no Super Bowl then) in the mid-sixties, only problem was he warmed the Bench for Bart Starr. Only got in a couple of games for a play or two over 2 years and was traded to the new expansion team called the Atlanta Falcons where he started for a season and then it was over. He has always been so strong and fit it is sad too watch him wither, Hell just a year ago he could have kicked my Ass! Sorry too ramble on-FF
So sorry to hear this news FF.  Keep the faith as he fights the battle.  One day at a time for me.
Take care!

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

So sorry to hear about your dad. My dad passed away about 3 months ago at age 94. Now with both parents and all our grandparents gone, me and my siblings are left with no elders. It's a strange feeling.

I would be careful on which type of mmj he might take. A friend of mine recently gave his 90 yr old father a mj edible, because he hadn't been sleeping. Turns out the THc was too high, but the dad had an almost L$D type high. He actually enjoyed it, but doesn't want to do it again. You really need to know the difference between CBD and THc, especially with older people.

Stay strong
I am leaving it up to Dad and his Doc MoJim. A friend gave me a bud and I took one nice toke and it ruined my evening last night! Walked around in circles cooking dinner and when it was done had cotton-mouth so bad I could not eat. LOL Don't know how the younger generation can tolerate such strong stuff. Likely brain and body chemistry changes as we age and I think that was my last toke, unless they still grow the good seedy sativa in Columbia that comes in bricks. I hope you smokers are laughing at me as this sh-t was like I was on LSD, WOW! Thanks to You All-FF
So sorry to hear about your dad, fishfarmer. I know you said you lived in a state that's not friendly, so this probably is not an option. But, my sis has stomach issues (not cancer) where she sometimes cannot eat or keep anything down. She lives in a friendly state and was able to get lollipop edibles and jolly ranchers. This helped her. Wish I had better suggestion. Just wanted to let you know that's out there. Wishing you continued faith and strength.
I know this is an old thread, but it’s sad to see so many people continue to go through such struggles. If they’re going to make so much money in healthcare, at least come up with a better plan to combat cancer. Sorry for everyone’s loss including my own, as both my father and my brother, my brother being this year.

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