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Women's health
HI all! Haven't seen/ found a thread in regards to the glorious and wondrous female body and how to maintain certain body parts, so I'm gonna start this one. I have been experiencing for years now symptoms that include TONS of bloating, nausea + vomiting (noticed that happens whenever I ovulate), cramping... etc. I have been tested for everything under the sun for the discomfort, and nada. Got an endoscopic ultrasound and everything. Still nada. Still in pain. I know our menstrual cycles change every some years so maybe these could be my PMS symptoms. I have recently started taking probiotics and flora supplements. If anyone has experienced the same or similar and can recommend supplements/diets to have my body running pain free again. Also questioned if I react to gluten badly, took it out of my diet for a while.. Still experienced these cramping bloating nauseating pains.
This is an IOP forum.
(12-09-2017, 06:21 PM)Audrey Hepburn Wrote: This is an IOP forum.

Yes but I posted under the diet/supplement section.. supplements are part of the pharmacy industry.. And a place where people can help each other out. Figured someone educated could help me out here.. mods if this is inappropriate please let me know. All I'm asking about is how to maintain good health as a woman.
maybe fireplaces will comment. or someone going thru similar stuff.

But healthy women are not a category that we address much.

However, i know we have chronic pain areas. If i can think of a better place to move this, will let u know.

Good luck. Please put a warning if u r gonna speak about things that may freak men out. like: GIRL TALK COMING.

But, elsewise, although many of us haven't seen health in years, it seems to be a reasonable topic.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
As a co-female,  I would love an area like this to address for da gals...  Blush
Thanks charon, probably would be more suitable under chronic pain, just thought maybe suggestions in change of diet/supplements may help ease or reverse the "wonderful" symptoms of all the good stuff us women go through. Also start sub-topics on how being prescribed to certain medications (birth control, anti-psychotics/depressants, opiates, etc.) Change our cycles and symptoms. Hopefully someone experienced will find this thread and shine some light with their knowledge. Definitely should have put in a "WARNING " now that i think about it, hehe. And yes Mikka, sometimes us gals need other gals to help out, in my case I don't have a mother so my father is clueless. I see a bunch of things on mens health + hormones, so why not.
I literally don't really have any females in my life to speak to in regards to the questions I have lately. No parents or Aunts or grammas.. I have a sister but she's not able to address certain questions.   And I could join a women's forum somewhere else but I  feel comfortable here.. Trusting & relatable with why we are here.  
Actually, I was very close at one time with my medical doctor sister. We both were researching autoimmune illnesses in women.

From what we learned, the female was not studied as a female until about 1990. And, all illnesses affect women differently. Differing signs of heart attack often. Differing reasons for depression. Differing types of disease. Meds and alcohol can have a differing effect on women.

But, the males were in charge. So, their concerns seemed to matter more.

What is worse, is that women in their early forties had notes put in their medical files by foolish male doctors that This woman appears to be attention seeking and not experiencing actual problems.

What balderdash.

My father whom was also a doctor of law, and not medicine, had always seen this problem. For him, it was simple: women were created to be baby makers, and so if a female diets, her body says HOLD UP. The nutrition goes to mamma and baby. So he always understood women have a very difficult time losing weight. But, he was never so dumb as to assume when a woman does not have a baby in her arms, she is incomplete, and feels all sorts of pains and ailments as many a doctor then believed.

My sister did act as pres of three nyc hospitals. and created her own women's center in one of our boroughs. All the nonsense with gvt intervention with ability to treat patients as the physician knew to be best caused her to leave medicine at an earlier age than necessary.

So, I tend to agree with u women that we face very differing problems, have very differing questions, and olde time doctors--male--failed to help quite a few.

Especially in light of no females to speak with in your family, and because women's health concerns were assumed by the profession to be pretty much the same as mens concerns, then in that event, I think this thread can help.

Let's see what turn it takes, as we do have areas for chronic pain. No reason to not have one for what was once deemed "female problems." So, if we get thru the holidays, we can think about perhaps a more appropriate area.

Seems to me, for now, this area is just fine.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

Something in this thread might give you some helpful information. Best wishes.

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