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peacemaker, Like your handle! Tracking is so nice to have as I have watched a piece of mail arrive in the US and sit somewhere for a week or more! Try not to get discouraged, and I would bet when U least expect it, WOW, it is there! Best Wishes -FF
Thanks FF,  also have tracking for my order i agree it`s certainly nice to have.  I mainly like it for confirmation of postage but you are right i hope, it will come when i least expect it/given up.
It`s funny how you can have it happen so many times but always the order you are waiting for seems like it`s been so long and this time i`m not going to get it. Anyway hopefully monday but i wont hold my breath.   take care
Funny, I feel that way almost every time i`m waiting for an order longer than 10 days.
I am currently waiting for an order from mid to late December and the vendor has been quite rude about everything. Probably the last time they will get my business
FF, i am in a very good mood today i honestly had given up. I have no idea what on earth happened to the tracking number it actually says it`s still in country of origin. oh well after 3 weeks and 3 days of waiting finally here. good luck to all still waiting
Mid December came mid January, over 4 weeks. Things should start picking up around the end of the month.
Oh and my dec 4 was confiscated. LL today.

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