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(12-11-2017, 06:44 PM)Pineapplepen Wrote: I have to admit I full expected a delay with last order and at least three to four weeks. It landed in a record 13 days, not the norm I know. I am pleasantly surprised. My son is waiting on some skateboard stickers from the same place and he is going on five weeks.

Wishing you all a speedy arrival of your flowers.

What part of the country?
I just placed an order with a reputable vendor a few days ago. I'm hoping I get lucky, and mine just slides right on through. We will see though. I will update the thread to let everyone know how long my December order takes to arrive to me.
I have 2 orders that shipped in December. Will be very interesting to see what happens. I have a feeling less than 2 weeks but then again I’m always optimistic
I have 2 orders out and a sample coming. Shipped 12/7.
Crossing my fingers to arrive soon.  Sad
Waiting on a magazine from 12/2.
I'm counting on this, had 2 things send by the 6th, and have 5 days for this to be proven true, and I'm sure hoping its true, thanks for the information FF, your a good dude man, we need more of you!
Good New's Ppp! Happy for you! Folks get scared during the Holidays without any reason. Someone posted that the sheer volume makes international mail more difficult to screen and after some thought, I agree! They are pushing hard to get things through and may be a great time of year to subscribe. Best to You and Yours This Joyous Holiday Season-FF
I'm hoping if I put an order in the day after Christmas it will be a good time since most of the Xmas packages should be through already. Or do you guys think delays  could go on through January?
Well I jumped into the river to many times to make it home...

For my job, I deal with lots of international and domestic packages all year long, and I agree late Nov to early Jan are always the worse. I would assume double the delivery time during those dates.. However, once in a while, I would have a delivery in half the normal time as well, but those were definitely the exception rather than the rule.
I started the thread when I read the bulletin at the PO, and if it is sent International express it is supposed to arrive earlier, Sorry I did not read any further the first time. I may be wrong but I think most vendors use this as they can make sure that you did in fact receive? Could be wrong? Merry Christmas to you all-FF

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