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Just noticed a posting at my local P.O. It read that international orders should be mailed by Dec. 9th if they are to make it by Christmas. This is just a bit of info for those of you who will be expecting something in Dec. Best to You All-FF
So hoping this is true but if it was a local post office assuming your in the us, it may or may not apply to something coming from overseas correct?
Hi M420, I am actually right in the middle of U.S. but I would assume that it would work in reverse, and the fact that I am in the middle would make me suspect that those further E and W may be better off? Wish I had the answers but welcome and Good Luck! Best Wishes-FF
Forget about it, December is always a disaster, take at least double time of any other month.
Thank you for the info,  Fishfarmer..  Good to know.  I'm in the middle,  too.  I've learned my lesson to not order during holiday season again..   DUH on me!  ??
(12-10-2017, 01:07 AM)relaxme Wrote: Forget about it, December is always a disaster, take at least double time of any other month.

Yes, December packages are simply unpredictable. I really think it's best to try to plan ahead and order by November or wait until January.
With the unprecedented rise in e-commerce, giants like Amazon, not to mention the flood of goods from China, delivery services (at least in the US) have never been busier or moving higher volumes. This means delays, especially in December. On the other hand, it presumably means small gifts are less likely to attract attention. I would consider that a Yuletide blessing.
Ohooo,holiday fever always breaks records in delay.It totally mess I must confess so I avoid it that period.
I plan in advance.
BennyLava makes a good point, maybe a Blessing? Was at PO today and if it is shipped priority mail it is the 15th of Dec. I believe most of our friends Overseas use priority I believe, as I think it can be tracked and our Friend knows it was received. If they did not have that info they could just get scammed by folks saying they did not receive and want a reship. I am not sure of this info but just guessing, so take it with a grain of salt-FF
I have to admit I full expected a delay with last order and at least three to four weeks. It landed in a record 13 days, not the norm I know. I am pleasantly surprised. My son is waiting on some skateboard stickers from the same place and he is going on five weeks.

Wishing you all a speedy arrival of your flowers.

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