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(12-08-2017, 08:07 PM)Charon Wrote: Well i knew I had not welcomed you aboard.  its a tradition thingey.

So, welcome aboard.  May u find all that u need.

The rules:

And, we have fun things to do also.  Put up music videos, play word games, put up photography.

You can make friends that will last a lifetime.

Glad to have u here.

Thanks Charon for stopping by to say hello and thanks for all the work you obviously do.
I will definitely do my best follow the rules, after all I'm here to build bridges not burn them...
Hopefully i won't be too much of a problem to you.
Regards, Yorkie

(12-10-2017, 09:59 AM)invisiblejungle Wrote: Hey Yorkie, welcome to the gang. This forum is a wealth of knowledge, and I'm sure you'll be able to find the info you're looking for.

Regarding the darknet/crypto, from what I've seen, most of the vendors we work with here don't deal with that stuff. That's sort of a separate world. Some vendors do accept BC, but most of them use more mainstream forms of payment.

By the way, where in Asia did you live? (I'm Asian myself, although born in America.)

Hi Invisiblejungle, this forum sure is great, I just wish i had more time to read it...

Yes the crypto is just a step too far after being used to walking into a chemist or order a delivery over the phone in Asia. Also I'm not particularly worried about legal implications in my country by using more conventional methods of payment.

I lived in Bangkok (no i'm not sex tourist), still have a place there but have to come home to make a living these days, i really love the country. 
Although i have to say Thailand isn't as easy or have quality stuff available as they had only a few years ago, they really have cracked down.

Thanks for stopping by.
All the best,

(12-08-2017, 07:53 PM)willie33 Wrote: Hello Yorkie. Glad to meet you...Smile

Thanks Willie,
Hope to see you around the forums :0

(12-08-2017, 11:53 AM)Furyan66 Wrote: Cheers Yorkie....

Welcome to the best IOP forum in my opinion since it is much more than an IOP forum. Hit the Rule Book First as this forum stays the best becauseof those rules and it's also easy to break em without thinking you ever did.  It may seem a bit "strict" but that's what keeps
this forum the best.

You got great people here and the Moderators work long and hard to keep the trash out and drama to a minimum and we always got to help em by making sure to know the rules cause they are enforced. They protect everyone from you and I to our fantastic vendors.

Best advice to start is to Read, Read and Read some more Rules first of course. Make a few posts out there under topics you are interested or start a thread and let everyone get to know you a bit and the doors will start to open for you.

Welcome again and hope you find what you need

Peace to all and a blessed day.

Thanks Fury,
It is a great forum, though i definitely need to do some more reading before jumping straight in with both feet.
I think i need to re the rules again then read them again...
Thanks for the heads up.
All the best,

(12-08-2017, 10:28 PM)Mikka Wrote: Hello to you Yorkie!  Love the name ?

Thanks Mikka. 
Yorkies were chocolate bars from the 80's in my country, i don't think they make them anymore it also has geographical connotations  Smile


(12-10-2017, 02:22 AM)fishfarmer Wrote: Welcome Yorkie, Interesting you could get what U wanted in Asia, guessing just Benzos. I know we have some U.K. Members and from Austrailia as well. Glad to have you on board! You can share some insight from your experiences that could help many. Best Wishes to You!-FF P.S. TT was one of the sites I started with years ago and if you stick around and contribute, It is just my opinion that U can find better and cheaper options.

Hi Fishfarmer,
Thank you for the reply.
Yes in Asia (Thailand) it was just benzos, started off on Xan then managed to move off and onto the Diaz which seemed a bit less scary as the Xans can wear of pretty quickly.
Also the quality and availability were becoming hit and miss as they are really clamping down nowadays.
Lucky have a ok supplier out there, quality is average but availability is great.
All the best,

(12-08-2017, 07:53 PM)willie33 Wrote: Hello Yorkie. Glad to meet you...Smile

Thanks Willie,
Nice to meet yo too Smile

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