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The "Thomas Recipe"
There still trying to outlaw it in my state after a teenager "O.D"on Kratom tea.his parents said he was doing so much better not taking meds anymore,just making his own K. tea a couple times a day.The coroner's final cause of death was heart attack! On top of his tea he was drinking 3-5 energy drinks a day,and running track.They did find out he had some hereditary heart condition,but most of all that was left out of the news,you had to really dig to find the real reason.Seems they want us to STOP taking everything,but we cant take ANYTHING to try to STOP. (WHAT-WHAT...)
Yeah I live in Canada, it is not scheduled here. Regardless though I just signed up as an ACMPR patient and will start incorporating high levels of cbd and mix it with the supplements for this recipe, not sure if many on this forum have gotten off with medical marijuana, but I will definitely keep posted. Also just an FYI, tapering from low dose methadone and benzos.

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