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Came across this site whilst browsing, cant find much info on it especially considering the name is used by many other companies. As the name would suggest, it is not in English which makes navigation a bit challenging but you can do a google translate. Seems to have positive reviews in their language and prices are amazing if it is legit. Anyone tried it?
i did one. and i got the wiki answer which strangers online put in:
Aqua vitae /ˌækwə ˈvaɪtiː or aqua vita is an archaic name for a concentrated aqueous solution of ethanol. The term was in wide use during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, although its origin is likely much earlier. This Latin term

Then, I read in the Gaelic language, it is used for whiskey.

So, can you give me a hint what language this site is written in?

Methinks that would help. Help me. Thank you.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Its quite easy Charon as its stated on the site in that countries language, heres a clue, country Germany invaded to get the UK involved with WW2, begins with P ends in land.

Noticed on the site a link to their own Face buck page, looks like a real bricks n mortar pharmacy. Not sure it is of much use to myself really, maybe for others though.
Ha. Thank u so much. I got it now, by jove. and, by GE.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Haha yeah nice clue G.Elias. I just stumbled across it by chance and seems very cheap when compared to other pharmacies for that part of the globe, so cheap that I may attempt an order as they don't seem to have a minimum order amount?... I will attempt to order nonetheless.

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