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Looking for another Ket@ vendor
Hi all. Looking for a keta vendor.  Understand there are a couple here but it’s so taxed.   Thanks
You should try Macromass (there is an open thread in the main area), I believe you can find what you need there.
Too expensive there but yes thank you
TTM, one of the main vendors, has this. Never ordered it myself, but there are good reviews on their private forum:
I know, good to see it there but its for a crazy amount. Looking for a legit source. Thanks.
(12-27-2017, 06:28 AM)Pebbles1 Wrote: Too expensive there but yes thank you

Too expensive where? Macro? Ttm
Maybe a bit on the higher side, but made in a different locale.
Macro idk what your trying to pay, or what your intentions for it are but he's very fair esp if you scoop a 15 pk. Idk dude
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