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I've used these guys about 10-15 times over the last 2 or so years and they've come through every single time. Huge selection to choose from, reasonable shipping time (7-14 days to UK) and decent stealth. Would highly recommend.
These guys are part of a network with multiple websites that have similar product selections and prices. They are quite reliable, in my experience.

The 4NRX-UK.MD site only ships to UK customers, but they have a 4NRX.MD site that ships to other countries.

They only carry non-controlled products.
Ordered 23/11

Shipped 24/11

Arrived 29/11

I'm stunned! With the state of the post at the moment it's crazy how little time this took. They advise on their site that shipping is 7-14 days which makes this even more impressive. Been so unlucky with other vendors this month, always a nice surprise when something arrives earlier than expected Big Grin
I placed an order with these guys last night after reading good reviews etc however once my payment had gone in i have received nothing confirmation email thanks for custom i have also sent an email today with no reply. perhaps these guys don't work weekends. Can someone assure me this is just how they are and nothing to worry about etc..

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