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Depending on the legality of your location there are many European vendors which sell it which are quite easy to find as it is largely legal in most countries in Europe at the moment though I don't know if they ship to where you are. You could always try importing from asia, though some countries there class it the same as heroin so I would definitely do your research thoroughly before trying anything like that.

If you have a garden or a greenhouse I have heard a few success stories of growing good quality strains, again check your local laws on this. If done correctly, after set up costs it would provide a natural and cheap medicine Smile
I can answer any questions you may have about kratom. I have been on it everyday for about 7 years or so. I have a great vendor. I'm only posting this for the updates on laws in different areas. The DEA is trying to pass the law in the US now, which would affect all of us here. pretty big deal..

*and also look for other bulk vendors because my guy will not be shipping if this law passes. But, if it does not *fingers crossed* then everything is good. If you need a bulk vendor PM me. Wholesale price, not that shop crap either. Great guy. I can post it I guess he wont mind if its ok..? Charon?

Thanks Pliko!
"It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has."  -William Olser
go for it. kratom can help hundreds of people make it thru the day as all else is denied to us.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I think he's out of town for the holidays but I will once I talk to him first!.. Thanks Charon!
"It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has."  -William Olser
In the United States it is legal to purchase poppy seeds, but all other parts of the plant are considered a schedule II controlled substance under the federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970.

That having been said, it is technically illegal to extract controlled substances from anything. Same reason collecting poppy latex is illegal.

did read that one long time poppy seed user was tested years after .... illegal and FYI seeds are legal but, making poppy seed tea is not.

Ok, so, i am gonna delelte your post. we have way too many new people and this place is losing its safe and homey feeling.

If my pioneer members vote to allow it, i shall restore your post.

Only if u live in pennsylvania is making poppy seed tea legal.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I respect your decision Charon and appreciate that you will allow a vote on it, I did realise that the legislation regarding poppy plant and seeds vary a lot internationally, with some countries having it enshrined in local culture, with others it being more of a legal grey area and yet others having strict controls on all parts of the plant and scheduling it the same as the products made from it.

Poppy tea is not the same as the products it makes but it should still be treated with care and respect for its strong abilities and also the legality issues as you point out.

I realise this is more board is more for pharmaceutical medicines, though many pharmaceuticals are ultimately are derived from plants and animals. Personally I find this fascinating, what cures nature has to offer. It would interest me greatly to be a research pharmacologist, finding the cure for cancer is a professional dream for me, especially since I have lost close family members to it. Life took a different turn though and I ended up in a differrant profession, though my interest in natural cures remains to this day. I know natural substances are not officially recognised as treatments and of course consultation with a doctor should always come first, but I strongly believe that there can be situations where natural remedies can prove more effective or be safer than pharmaceuticals. I will be honest, I have not searched a lot about natural remedies on these forums do don't know how much they are discussed. Sorry for going a bit off topic, but I was going to ask your permission to post a thread about natural remedies. Perhaps I should wait until I have 50 posts though so I can share in a more secure location.

Apologies for rocking the boat Charon, I can understand your thoughts about this place loosing the homely feel, even though I know I am new and have no position to comment on this- I may even be one of those who are reducing the homely feel. Bearing this in mind I think I will restrict my discussions about such matters until I have earned the right to post in the more confidential areas to share the information which may fall in legal grey areas.

Thanks for your speedy response and I appreciate the course of action you have taken,
You have wisdom. I read that in your posts. You are polite and respectful.

All good. There are more private places to post at fifty posts. And, moreso at 150 posts.

And we encourage helpiing others in PM at fifty posts.

I am a firm believer in natural products. Unfortunately NY's beloved governor, after stating he was making MMJ legal, changed the legislation before signing bill into law. Now, one has to hop on their left leg, with a badger with a spoon in one hand, AND pay 8000$ to be treated with MMJ. Medicaid and medicare won't cover it.

But you have good info. Which can be shared with the right people. Cuz it is holiday time. LE is all over forums.

We ride under the radar whenever possible.

I was gonna let u know ur warning dissipates depending on how u reacted to my words. So, I shall remove it now because you made no death threats at me. Which is cool. That is so not uncommon.

Thank u for being cool about this. And, with a few more posts, You may share info in a room or PM.

But, in real life and online, meds are being denied to people. Or, God help the people whom take what Big pharma is currently trying to make all doctors script for every known illness. Gah.

So, natural substitutes can be invaluable. Just not in public cuz all u said would have been on g00gle search engine by now. We would have had all new members from blulite or such.

Thank you.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I am glad we can understand each other Charon, your are probably one of the most thorough but respectable forum moderators I have had my pleasure of coming across. I don't mean to sound sycophantic, I appreciate your words in this post and the other one about the warning. Look forward to being able to share my information and help people  Big Grin 

Apologies to the OP for the thread hijack!
lol @ pliko

Anyways, a GREAT source is here:

great deals and quality product.
Hlbmco, cat nip $5.99 an oz. that’s crazy expensive. My herb vender sells for 8$ a lb strong stuff, I make cat toys. Anyhoo, my nip vendor doesn’t offer Kratom, so thanks for the lead.

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