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The Basics for anyone who wants to know
This is great what a pain. Very easy to understand and informative for those that want to know the differences between CBD and THC.
If u do facebock, they have warnings up that F laced MMJ was discovered in tennessee. Now i dont do facebook, and i don't take what they post as truth. I looked it up on a pro MMJ site, and it is one of the three greatest lies going around bout MMJ now.

So, be careful. But, if u do read FB, don't believe everything u read. And, now they probably gave the dastardly idea to some pervert out there. sighs.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I liked very much this one whatapain. And I also agree with Charon. I avoid FB . I dont like it and it is not safe been in open in FB. Most of things there are simply not truth .

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