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upjohn Xanax 2mg dimensions
Hi guys!

Can someone please help me. Does anyone have an original xanax 2mg bar from upjohn and can give me the exact measurement of all three sides of the pill?

I have been scourging google for hours without finding it Huh

Best Regards
Anyone Huh I just want to know if I have the fake ones or the real ones, couse my country only precribes U94 xanax bars so for me alone it is impossible to tell..
(12-07-2017, 11:11 PM)kristof Wrote: Maybe taste them? xanx has a bitter taste. (just taste, dont swallow to play safe.)
I cant help u more, u94 are normaly real, check your inbox, i found some info that maybe can help u out. Wink

Alredy did that ofcourse =) Thank you for trying, but the taste is okey, really would like the dimensions I dont get it how it's so impossible to find them..

Best Regards
I would be interested in the same info as I have a sub for the same.

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