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IOP's listed in public forum
As a newbie to this forum, I'm confused. I understand why there is a public forum, but I was under the impression that I wouldn't have access to any vendors before my 50 posts.

When I googled ttm2u, a link to the IOP public thread for new members came up.  Curious, I logged out of IOPlist, cleared my cache, even rebooted my computer, did a goggle search for ttm2u, clicked on the ioplist link, and landed here as a guest - I obviously had to log back in to make this post.

I was going to place a small test order, but I'm nervous now that I know they're listed right at the top of the 1st page on google.  I've never placed an order online from a vendor that has a presence on google.  Also, can I trust a vendor listed on a public forum?

If anyone can explain this to me I would appreciate it.  I like to get all the facts before I do something that may come back to bite me in the ass.

Charon, I would have just sent you pm with this question, but alas, I don't have my 50 posts and being new, I didn't know where else to post.
We are not gonna let those truly ill amongst you, suffer. So, we have some of the most popular and well respected vendors in plain view. Seems to be awfully cruel to make one wait for relief if one's doctor suddenly cuts one off, or other untoward events occur.

ttm has been a staple in the online community for years. had a tough time last year as the country of origin was targetted. He has worked long and hard and is winning back his reputation.

macro is a legend. SS4u keeps his customers quite happy. we have vendors everywhere in plain view. One must only read.

Good luck.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel

There are IOP's in the 0pen (publ1c) sections. Basically anything you can see with less than fifty posts anyone else can see to. There is a very good thread in the welcome section named Warning by Charon that ma help you understand the whole go0gle th1ng. I assume that as the health care industry col1apses there are many, many people flocking to sites lo0king f0r help, and that it has raised 0ur pr0file in the world. So just remember when you post about anything say as little as possible. and definitely follow the rules, don't mention p@yment meth0ds, dates 0rd3red or r3cieved, and especially not the kinds of magaz1nes you like. Just give the I0P a simple, acute review like "great c0mmunicati0n, superfast, great magazine". And if you have a question always try to read through the thread, starting with the first post and then going to the more recent posts and reading backwards through them. If you do not find your answer there plenty of pioneer members, mods, and of course admin are here to help you out. But G00gle is not our friend these days, they will put up every med/I0P question you ask for the world to see if they are posted in the <50 p0st areas, no matter how many posts the user has. Remember, 10P's are not like W@lgreens or CVS, and the more you protect yourself the more you protect all of us and vice versa. Anyway short answer is yes, there are 10P's in the public section. As you make more posts more things will open up to you. And I cannot remember if you are allowed to make PM's yet, but I believe you can ask someone to PM you if you have a question, and then reply to that PM. Hope this informati0n helped. Take care. - Ivor
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It's all getting clearer. Charon would you pm me please?
couple days please. i have been away. way too exhausted. but, i shall soon.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
I hope all is well with you Charon! <3

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