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It depends on the safety/legitimacy of the packing methods and just a little bit of luck. I've always felt that once you cross into the world of mail order, you're already facing a risks/ heavy charges for using the postal system to send or receive "narcotics", so gambling on getting an LL vs a no-knock warrant visit is kind of irrelevant. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. Might as well get bulk for a good deal and use people who will make it right if theres an issue. If your item is more serious than S3, the risk involved can make suppliers less helpful and shadier overall, and that should effect your choices more than this. Personallly, i find it to be common sense: larger packs mean less chances to get caught due to lower overall volume/traffic to addresses, calling less attention to yourself. I've never seen the point in 3 orders of 300 vs 1 of 1000, its just more chances to get caught and the size difference is really not that important overall, not to mention the wasted money.

Also, check out your local USPS. Mine is staffed with complete incompetents, the chances of one of them noticing anything after its in country is minuscule to non-existent, and thats something people forget. A nosey postman is worse than just about anything, and small or big, if some busybody in the local delivery center is snooping, your screwed either way. So I say swing big and have a clean place as soon as you can on delivery day, so if they bust in, theres nothing there anyway. Volume is your enemy folks. More deliveries, more chances for someone to notice a pattern, more places in the system that the originating address gets logged and tied to your addys, just more chances for things to go wrong.
Most good vendors will split the orders up accordingly. Sorry if someone said this
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I usually go 450, and some would call that bulk, I started the thread seeing the 1000ct offers and most were real cheap so I doubt I will ever go that way, you get what you pay for!-FF
I say if you are still using gmail. They know. They just don't care.

I firmly believe if you (anyone) is using gmail to place orders and receive info about them, and you haven't gotten a knock...there's less than a 1% chance that you will.

Unless they decide they do care. So don't be ordering fent or carfent. Anyone ordering those IMO should be getting more than a knock at the door.

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all internet is filtered all together look up some good vpn documentaries, theres 14 nation, 5 nation signed contracts to collect any info from major countries, they can't give rats a$$ about random gmail's nor is there enough resources, plenty of dodgy sites that spring up and even those operate for years and no one cares to shut em down, let alone investigate.

of course everyone would love bulk rather then shop every week month, but it really depends id say 80% how well does the vend do their part as its the most critical, and of course in many cases its matter of loosing bulk of cash that scares people.

since in theory more you do it it should increase the risk of lls etc, as opposed to pullling one big- then again amount could play a role in getting mags binned and never seeing em again or attracting attention which depending on the country could be low to really high risk.
I have limited experience - a couple of big orders from well known and loved vendors (with superb stealth) and a handful of small orders from IOP's & email vendors.
Thus far, I've received one LL - which was for the 2nd part of a VERY small 2 part order.
Because I'd already received part 1, I knew the packaging was relatively stealthy - i.e. not making rattling sounds if shaken.
I guess I was just unlucky - some-one at customs picked an ordinary looking item out at random and there we have it.
It contained 2 x sample size mags - and the LL stated that I'd been very naughty and the contents were to be incinerated.
Incidentally, the count of both mags was incorrect and one mag was misidentified in the LL report.
So whilst some-one had a good nose for sniffing these things out, they couldn't read a label or count up to 20. Big Grin
I consider myself lucky. And of-course, I will never have anything sent to that address again.
So, in my experience, how does that old saying go...."size doesn't matter".  I think what does matter is vendor experience and expertise.

Not sure that this adds anything to the discussion - except I imagine the outcome would have been very different if it had've been a subscription of 500 mags that was intercepted.....
There's a difference between having an opinion and having an informed opinion.
Many factors, including theft. I had a small envelope opened recently. I received it with outer and inner packing opened. Nothing missing though. If it had been a large amount, maybe different story...

Also be weary of "insurance" from vendors. Too many people take advantage so typically insurance is only awarded if dozens of people claim loss.
I’m glad I took a look at this thread, made me change my mind about the whole bulk order all together. I know I’ve had a certain mag in particular in my cart a few times but never went through with it. I don’t think I’d ever try it at this point I’m so happy with the current vendor I use now.
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