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I agree my Friend, and that is why I just place regular 2-250$ orders and have stockpiled too much as I have tapered a lot off the benzos, but it is like a safety blanket just knowing they are there if I lose a great vendor, I have a year or so too research and find another. I know the sites with the Bulk Diaz, and I would have to guess pill press and maybe they are OK? Seem a bit Cheap though? Anyone reading ever tried the 1000 loose bulk V's? Do not be to embarrassed to reply if they were poor quality as you may save a Friend some $-FF
The press is definitely not the most-professional looking, and I wouldn't rate those bulk loose V's with anything like Aups, Benz, etc. They are decent by not "good" if that makes any sense. Get what you pay for, usually.
I get where you are coming from my friend IOPNess! I think you gave the answer most of us suspected, Thanks for sharing! Welcome and hope to chat again! FF
I have always been leery of buying bags of loose merchandise. I can see where there would be advantage of not having to have have them packaged in a blister pack. Also someone that is just not willing to work with you. All I can say is use good judgement and look for feed back from othe custiomers

Regards Eddie
I hope you understand that loose meds are simple ( at least in 99 % of the cases ) home made meds, not made in a real lab.
For me, it is a risk to my health that I am not want to take.
You’re mistaken.
About what?
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About being home made, any med you get from vendors that deal with galenika meds which happen to be a favorite on the forum come out of the blisters.
(12-14-2017, 04:50 PM)ShortSqueeze Wrote: About being home made, any med you get from vendors that deal with galenika meds which happen to be a favorite on the forum come out of the blisters.

I do agree with relaxme to an extent but as you said with galenika meds which are defiantly a favorite on here, blisters are not an option and I rely on feedback from others and my own personal experience with the vendor. I know what I am getting is not bunk even though they are loose.

Blisters tend to shake rattle and roll and make way to much noise if not packaged correct and lead to more LL.

My personal experience for what it is worth, just do your homework..

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Agree 100% Furyan66, I have fun guessing why people choose a certain handle, No clue with you? All I order is Galenika Riv's and the occasional Aup V's. Last time the poor soul who has to pop them out of blisters included a ton of the circular foil backing, never happened before, just found it strange. Best Holiday Wishes-FF

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