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Heading to Europe (looking for european IOPs)
Hey guys head to scandonavia for a few months and really need a good IOP that I can trust and is responsive and quick to ship, either email or website based not fussed just needs to be trustworthy and sell good product.

Thanks Fam

I think if you take your time to look around this forum you will find what you need. Also be sure to check local legislation, as current events show what may be legal in one country can attract the death penalty in another (though doubtful in a Scandinavian country). For email vendors you need more posts and be more well known on the forum. Since you are new I would recommend spending some time reading the forums. Sorry to dishearten you (especially since I am new myself) but you really should do your own research rather than expecting people to provide table service. Wink
Some places there are very hard to receive I'll forewarn you now it really depends where your going

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