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See own profile when <50 posts and post distribution.
I realise than lots of things open up when you reach some benchmarks, such as being able to view profies including you own. I was wondering if there is a ways to check (when < 50 posts) the amount of posts you have made in a day (so not to exceed the 5 a day limit). Also i was wondering what the cut off from the day is? 00.00 UTC? I know counting to 5 is not difficult but you may stay up just past the threashold then log in later in the day an exceed the post limit for the day.

Due to my profession I am without internet access a few days a week, I know it is probably hard to implement but maybe it would be better to have weekly limits so that those of unable to be on the computer everyday stiff have the chance to have our thoughts properly expressed. 

I am by no means wanting to race to the finished line, and I hope that from my posts you will see that I enjoy and put effort into the contributions I make to this community. I just like to be able to get my thoughts in order steadily and present them as such without the need to post prompt anecdotes just to fill a daily quota to make up for the days which I cannot log on.  I know I am a newbie but I can sure these facts grieve other new people. I don't mind the drawn out process because of my position, as I hope it get to know more you you can get to know the community more over time. I just approach the trepidation of the possibly having my account disableded for inactivity when actually I am busy in my research. 

It is not a big deal now as I am approaching the first benchment but think it is important to keep yourfulf in good form so that to keep hte mods happy and the fellow members. Otherwise I really appreaciate all hte help and tighknit community I fell here, you guys, all of you guys, are an inspiring and delightful group. 

Big Grin Heart
i logged out and i could not check my own profile. hmmmm.

Maybe some day on a weekly basis posts will be counted.

But, here? As we deem ourselves to be family, it is easier now that u mentioned this fact to me, and to the staff whom will also read this.

Holidays are here. Turmoil. There is no guarantee all staff will remember this fact about ur life when they come on.

It is really busy and the thieves are all around trying to take monies from you. So we do have our hands full at holiday time.

But, we shall take your idea under advisement.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
You've been doing just fine...
Stay that coarse and you'll be there before you know it Wink

A True Friend 
Freely Advises,
Justly Assists Readily, 
Adventures Boldly, 
Takes all Patiently,
Defends Courageously
Continues a Friend Unchangeably.

William Penn

Pliko can you look at your profile?

The easy way to see how many posts you have made today or in any one day is look at profile

and then find all posts

That will show you how many in a day u make

I wonder if this helps ? I hope so

We are an understanding staff I’d like to think

You are doing fine

Like right now go to ur profile by clicking ur member name then you can see u have made 5 posts today

1. Its compulsory for each newly registered member to introduce self in the Welcome Threads click this, Welcome Center section.  Use “Post A Thread” Button.
Thanks for the reply guys. When I click on my profile i get the following message: 

You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Your account has either been suspended or you have been banned from accessing this resource.
  2. You do not have permission to access this page. Are you trying to access administrative pages or a resource that you shouldn't be? Check in the forum rules that you are allowed to perform this action.
  3. Your account may still be awaiting activation or moderation. (http://Resend Activation Code)
  4. You have accessed this page directly rather than using appropriate forms or link.

You are currently logged in with the username: 'Pliko'[/size]

Appreciate the speedy replies.
Ok, i am guessing therefore that new members need fifty posts to see their profile.

Listen, I shall be very busy the next few days. But, thereafter, If i don't remember u can but post a few days a week, I shall put it in ur sig line so we all don't check ur post count and delete the extras.

This is a rare and valid situation. So, we shall do our best to work with you. Okie dokie? Let me think about this in a few days.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
What i do is click on the "todays post" tab and i look for me and count the post. Dont know if that helps, but i do understand the fact that i had a hard time keeping up with posting just five a day as i have been penalized several times for excessivly posting over five in a day. I would have already have been at fifty if not for my tendency to not post for a while and then all the sudden trying to post too much in one day. I can say that although i had post taken away for overposting more than five, i was always told with firm politeness, which i appreciate graciously.
Thanks for the help guys and I appreciate your understanding Charon Smile I don't mean to cause much hassle, it is just something I thought I would bring to your attention.

Danny, yes I sometimes use this technique- the problem being when posting just after midnight then coming back later on in the day sometimes it is harder to spot the posts and to remember how many you have posted.
Just click on private messages, than click on top link of your profile and it will show you how many posts you made, and average per day.
Thank you bwitherite! That has helped alot Smile but i only seem to see the threads I have posted.

Icewizard sorry for going over the 5 post limit. As you see I haven't posted in a while due to internet inaccessibility due to work and personal issues. This is why I am worried about my account being deactivated for low activity. It is also why I may exceed the 5 post limit when I do get internet access because there are so many interesting topics I want to reply to. I am not asking for special treatment, just as Charon mentioned before perhaps something in my signature may help clear up misunderstandings. I really enjoy reading the threads here and replying when I have something useful to add, unfortunately my time for this is limited this time of year. I don't want to think I want some exception to the rules, which I think are very important and well written, but I don't want any misunderstandings from happening.

Thank you all for your great help Smile

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