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Hi there,

As it seems clear I will only post UK to UK pharmacies here, with these you need to do an online consultation to be provided with a prescription.

This seems to be a legit site, they are listed on the MHRA. Generally carry similar stocks aas other UK pharms but have DF118 which due to my condition is more useful to have around than blister packs. ALlo have always found they tend to be better quality. Anyone has any experience with these guys? They have a good rating on trustpilot.
Just to update this for us limeys, this is a reliable vendor linked to an established pharmacy.
Yes it is similar to UKMEDS in design but they send from different pharmacies. Probably best for pks and maybe neuropathic meds rather than the sleeping pills which are priced at their weight in gold.
Just to Let ppl know. It seems they do make exceptions shipping to at least 2 other European countries
Dont think sites like these in uk will be around much longer, been articles about how so called 'easy' it is to exploit loopholes that allow households to order more if just using a different name and possibly card to pay for items, scare stories about them selling addictive meds bad bad bad, ukmeds were named in an article that was in the times and the guardian newspaper online -
Well, the UK is the only country in Europe where the doctor doesnt have to meet with the patiënt to prescribe something.  So I can see how that could lead to discussion.

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