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Racetams- Nootropics
Has anyone had experience with any of the racetams? Like pirace tan, Aniracetam or oxyracetam?

Ive read wildly varying results, and I’m wondering if anyone here has had a beneficial experience with them. Especially for anxiety and cognitive function.
I've tried Piracetam, Aniracetam, and Coluracetam & Phenylpiracetam. It's worth keeping in mind that the reviews and responses people give online tend to range from "WOW THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE" (which inevitably is followed up by a post a few weeks later indicating x-racetam has lost all effectiveness) to people claiming they feel no subjective effects whatsoever, whether they be positive or negative. However, for many people the end result is often somewhere in the middle. Nothing groundbreaking, but substantial enough effects to continue a responsible dosing schedule.

There is no single nootropic on the market that will give you the effects of the drug Bradley of Cooper takes in Limitless - otherwise everyone would already be taking it! It's important to keep your expectations realistic, specially when you hear people claiming all these wonderful benefits have come about. Just like with any drug/supplement/med available to me & you out there, your mileage may vary. What works for one person will do FA for another, and and vice versa. I've written my individual experience of various racetams below, but what you experience is unlikely to be the same. Here goes!

Piracetam: Probably the most-used and well-known racetam out there. When it worked it would eliminate any existing brain fog in my head and increase a sense of focus throughout the day. Some days I barely noticed anything though. If you struggle with a poor working memory including every day stuff like "arghh what's the word..." "what's that bloke's name again?" or "way day of the week is it" I'd definitely give it a shot. This is also the cheapest racetam you'll find on sites selling nootropics 99% of the time - combine that with an excellent safety profile and its definitely worth a shot. If you're a coffee drinker I'd urge you not to expect the same kinda feeling from Piracetam, it's like to provide an improvement in alertness and overall mental function as opposed to any jittery physical energy from a strong cup of mud.

Coluracetam: There's a couple of studies showing Coluracetam's effectiveness in treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). It does seem to provide a real mood lift from anhedonia or even if you're feeling like you just need to get out of a funk. Compared to other racetams it's a heck of a lot more expensive though. Didn't notice any cognitive benefits, merely a decent mood boost. Unsure if I'd spend money on this again.

Aniracetam: Easily my favourite! Provides a real anxiolytic relief at 750-1500mg. From reading reports online this also seems to be the most consistent racetam...or perhaps that's just conformation bias lol. I love this so I'm gonna sing its praises, but keep in mind you mind be a non-responder. It's certainly nowhere near as anxiolytic as a benzo but whenever I've taken it there's never been any need/craving for a benzo because I've been able to function in any situation without it. I can be somewhat agoraphobic at times and this really helps me go about my day and get stuff done with little/no fear whatsoever. There's also an increase in the enjoyment of social interactions which is great if you suffer from any degree of social anxiety. Has a slight effect on cognitive function and mood but nothing to the extent of Piracetam or Phenylpiracetam (Oxiracetam is also meant to be great for creativity and focus).

Phenylpiracetam: Sort of like a mild Mod@finil. Excellent for relieving symptoms of ADHD...i don't know if it would even be possible to have a lazy day on this! This is known to be the strongest of all racetams, the only downside is that it can induce a sort of anxiogenic nature as opposed to an anxiolytic one. Kinda expensive too. Never tried it before but I think if you combined Aniracetam with Phenylpiracetam it might combat that anxiety though. Easily the best for zooming through ticking off your to-do list with an increased sense of focus and motivation.

If I could recommend one nootropic that isn't technically a racetam it would be Noopept. Nothing else has shown greater benefits to working and long-term memory. It's not euphoric or anything but it's great at stabilising your mood to say a decent 6 or 7/10. Which ain't too shabby Smile

These aren't miracle pills...yeah they'll give you an edge or a boost but they won't change your life. For example, with Aniracetam you won't get a sudden WOW moment or feel super recreational... but as you're going about your day you'll notice a subtle change has occurred in your anxiety level and potentially your intellectual abilities. I wish I'd read this back when I first started spending money on nootropics because unfortunately there's sites that state these supplements will cure all your mental health issues and turn you into a genius when the reality is that's not going to happen. Keep your expectations grounded and you'll be satisfied.
Congratulations on your excellent post regarding racetams, Glousk.  Mods might want to make this a sticky in the RC section.

I would add to your description thusly... Many websites who advocate for nootropics/racetams seem to encourage "stacking" or combining several into a single dose.

This is a bad idea on so many levels, greatest among which is serotonin syndrome.  Were one to experience this condition just once, they would acquire the motivation to never go there again.

The production of too much serotonin promotes a variety on negative conditions including high body temperature, agitation, increased reflexes, tremor, sweating, dilated pupils, and diarrhea.  Body temperature can increase to greater than 41.1 °C (106.0 °F).  Complications may include seizures and extensive muscle breakdown.  Deaths have been attributed to playing around with stacks of racetams.

Given their modest benefits and extraordinarily unpleasant risks, one should accumulate as much knowledge as possible before engaging with this class of drug.
Thanks Lecherous Big Grin very kind of you.

With Nootropics stacks 95% of them are mostly safe but if you go into things gung-ho then yes that is when accidents happen. Sometimes nasty ones. St John's Wort is a popular choice for some people because of its antidepressant qualities (and because it has far fewer side effects than SSRI/SNRIs typically do) but it also plays a large role in regulating serotonin. So adding more supplements to this stack that have an effect on serotonin, as you correctly say, can lead to serotonin syndrome.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to research, research and research even more into everything you are taking g. Whether that be drugs, meds or nootropics you have a responsibility to the wellbeing of your own mental and physical health to (a) consider the ramifications of taking anything, and (b) to consider the ramifications of the effects of several supplements stacked together. If you are not prepared to learn as much as you possibly can about nootropics then I am afraid they are not for you. Many noots are used by many, many people in order to achieve the best cognitive enhancement they can. If we have people going round harming themselves, history teaches us that the media gets hold of such news shortly after, then the government finds out about it and before you know it things start becoming illegal. If you don't believe me, look at the situation with Kratom now...the majority are suffering with the potential news of a ban because an incredibly small minority brought bad press to the table. This is evidence enough to show that it only takes a few bad apples to ruin a good thing.

There are plenty of resources available with the Nootropics subreddit on Reddit (read their sticky to get a good idea on staple noots, what is recommended and what to avoid) bring a great place to start. With everything available at our fingertips through Google nowadays, there is no excuse to be uninformed before you take anything.

Stay safe!

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