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I changed my email address
From Gmail to encrypted on both ends 
To verify I had to click a link in tutanota that was hiding in my spam. Just an FYI to do a very small part against google!
Not a bad idea at all, Dude ,  Cool

I’m not lost, I’m exploring.
My trust in Google / gmail continues to decline. I would like to like to increase my security by having encrypted email capability. Is this what Tutanota is all about? If so, then could you please send along contact information for Tutanota so that I can start moving toward better email security?

Thank you Hollywood.
You are a true brother.
Amen Jimbo,I received a letter last week to inform me I was included in"The Anthem Data Breach"and that Yahoo-mail,Verizon/Frontier-mail,and all my BlueCross B/S.records (MAY)have been unlawfully accessed.(what I hear is "IF THEY WANT TO SPY ON YOU THEY WILL")The only good news is I don't have to pay for my LIFELOCK for the next 2years. Tony recommended Tutanota,and its been working great.Those days of leaving your front door/or back door of your computer open is OVER! Lets protect what little we have left! Smile
Raven and inpain2, and everyone else! it’s free and encrypted on both ends. Choose your name and you’re set! Even now when I get an email from my iop profile it goes to tutanota. I’m pretty sure the main forum could use tutanota instead of the evil g-men! Anyway, I’m certainly no expert but every little bit helps us! One thing I do notice is all my stuff from here goes into my spam folder, which is fine, I just check it first! Anything I can help you all with I’d be more than happy to, but it’s as easy as any other email setup! Hope that helps and I hope every single person here does it. I just use Gmail for YouTube vids and basic harmless bull crap, like most of the inter web. I even use Macros tutanota, anyone who has one is one step ahead. Peace! Love you all!!!!!
His Royal Dudeness of learning to be stealthy!

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