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Question about posts
Hi,Once we are at the 50 and 150 post mark, and the admin approves of our posts, how do we access the sites not allowed currently? Basically, I don’t see restricted forums on the current board so I was curious that’s all. Thanks.

Actually, I read through some previous posts and it looks like after we hit 50, the admin can adjust certain things so we have access, I believe the forum answered my question, sorry for the confusion.
once u hit either of those landmarks, wait an hour. clear out ur browser cache. log out and then back in.

Please post if it did not work due to a gremlin on the wing. And, I can check ur settings. Okie dokie?

Not to worry. And, methinks you will know if admin or mods or pioneer members are less than thrilled with some posts. You may get a warning. a PM message. an Edit in your post. It will be ok.

Our reputation is on the line. And this is a brutal time. So, we all need to be part of an ethical, caring forum.
Angel  It is Well with My Soul  Angel
Thank you, it seems to have fixed itself like you suggested. It was very strange as it happened on 2 different browsers, something must have tripped the website to block my address.

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